Sunday, August 30, 2009

Harry Reid Tries to Intimidate the Las Vegas Review-Journal

Harry Reid-tough guy

This weekend, Sherman Frederick, a columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal, wrote a scathing editoial on Senator Harry Reid, who tried to play the heavy with a newspaper advertising director. I will leave the details to Mr Fredericks's editorial, which I am pleased to cross-post below.

What comes out of this report is that Harry Reid is a wanna-be thug, who, because of his high position in Nevada (and national politics), feels he can push his opposition around. Is this a harbinger of how this government in Washington plans to deal with any opposition voices now that they are in complete power? Hopefully, Mr Frederick and the Review Journal will stick to their guns and continue to expose Reid for what he is (a jerk).


Findalis said...

The polls show him losing badly. What will he do after the voters throw him out of office?

Gary Fouse said...

He'll become a lobbyist-just like his sons.