Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Loren Spivak on Blog Talk Radio (Political Vindication)

I am pleased to pass on this note from Shane Borgess, my pal and colleague at Political Vindication:

Loren Spivack, who owns the Free Market Warrior kiosk in the Concord Mills Mall in North Carolina, is facing exile from the mall after his lease expires this month because he dared sell merchandise that wasn't too flattering of our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama. That's right, despite all the rhetoric from the Left about having an open debate during the Bush Presidency, a few 'impeach Obama' bumper stickers has libtards bursting their pampers, and working to have Mr. Spivack's business thrown from the mall! Tonight, Loren Spivack joins us on Political Vindication Radio to discuss his battle against the agents of political correctness. Must he fight alone? No! Call in tonight and let him know you're supporting him!

Show time starts at 6pm PST, chat room opens 15 minutes before we go live on the air. If you want to join in on the conversation, the call in number 646-652-4598.
Posted by Shane at 4:00 PM


Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? This is far too low-brow for you, Gary. A mall is a private business motivated by profit. They can kick out whoever they want (so long as it's within the legal boundaries of the lease agreement) if they feel that that business is detrimental to their goal of increasing profits.

What this has to do with free speech, I have no idea. But this person can take their silly radio show and shove it.

Gary Fouse said...


Why don't you tune in and see what is all about? Sounds like a knee-jerk liberal reaction to me. I thought you were a defender of free speech.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not saying this idiot shouldn't have a radio show. They can if they want to.

However, freedom of speech doesn't exist in private property like a mall. It's their property, so they make up the rules as they see fit, for better or worse.

I also find it ironic that someone touting themselves as the "Free Market Warrior" is whining about being booted by the forces of... THE FREE MARKET.

Using the word "libtard" isn't exactly the most endearing thing in the world.

Gary Fouse said...


I'm glad to see you are starrting to embrace the free market.