Thursday, July 30, 2009

Let's Play, "Name That World-Class City!"

Which world-class city is pictured below?

a Paris
b London
c Rome
d Tokyo
e Buenos Aires
f Los Angeles

This should be easy. After all, only one city can boast:

Stunning skyline

Slow-paced lifestyle

World-class literature

World-class art

World-class dining

World-class auto racing

The world's greatest sports fans

High society

Famous celebrities (whose homes you can visit)

International festivals

And a friendly mayor who is always accessible to the local news media. In fact, he and his spokesman told the media that theirs was a world-class city for hosting a celebrity funeral memorial which cost this world-class city almost $4 million!

By now, the answer is obvious (f).

(Ok, Frisco. Now we're even- I mean San Francisco.)


Findalis said...

And is going broke.

Ted said...

You left out the "Los Angeles" Angels