Monday, July 27, 2009

The Big White House Beer Bash

"We have Muenchner Loewenbrau, Kronenbourg, Beck's, Guiness, Pilsner Urquell and Bud Lite."

It looks like President Obama has stopped a national crisis dead in its tracks. He has invited Sgt James Crowley of the Cambridge Police and Professor Henry Louis Gates to join him "for a beer" at the White House-possibly this week.

Only one?

How'd you like to be a fly on that wall? I wonder what it will look like. Will there only be one beer, at which time, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel walks in and tells the president,

"Mr President, the Chinese Ambassador is here."

"Thanks, Rahm. If you'll excuse me, thanks for coming."

Or will it be the informal little get together that Obama has intimated, just three guys shootin' the breeze over maybe ....more than one, two perhaps?

Or three?

Or four?

"Here's to yer mama!"
"Same to yers."

Or maybe a couple of six-packs?

"Mr President, the Chinese........."

"Later, Rahm."

"Mr President......."

So will it all end well for our protagonists? You never know how these beer drinking sessions turn out.

"You're a lousy cop!"

"And you're a lousy professor!"

"And you're a lousy president!"

Will it all end up like this?

"Where's Obama?"

Or this?

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Findalis said...

For Obama it has always been Black man is always right, White cop is always bad. The Mantra taught to him by the Rev. Wright.