Friday, June 19, 2009

California State Head of Education Wants to Raise Taxes

Jack O'Connell says:

"Don't let this happen to your kids this summer. Support summer school. Support more property taxes. Do it for the children."

It's the same old story in California. Jack O'Connell, the political hack who is in charge of education in California, is bemoaning the lack of funds that may force the cancellation of summer school, thus forcing kids to be on the street or in hot apartments unattended by their parents and exposed to gangs, drugs, rape, the Boogey Man and other forms of violence. (Don't take my word for it. Check out the below site from the California Dept of Education.)

Today, O'Connell is targeting property taxes, which he thinks should be raised in order to provide more money to the faltering schools. The problem is Proposition 13, which the voters passed in 1978 to stop the outrageous property taxes that were forcing thousands of residents out of their homes. The liberals and politicians absolutely hate Prop 13 because it stands between them and billions in tax-payers' money.

Of course, O'Connell can't explain why throwing more money at a failing school system will solve the problem. If LA Unified for example, is seeing a drop-out rate of over 50%, how does O'Connell think money is going to fix that? How is money going to fix a school system that is overrun with gangs, drugs, guns and students who can't speak English because they and their families are not even in the country legally?

Why don't O'Connell and other politicians demand that illegal immigration be stopped and our borders secured? That would go miles toward improving the California school system, especially in places like Los Angeles. But you won't hear them calling for that. Nor will you hear them calling for stricter drug laws or anti-gang legislation like Jamiel's Law, which would free up the LAPD in dealing with known illegal alien gang members, who turn the schools and surrounding streets into war zones. No, what is needed is more tax-payer money to pour into the cesspool that is education in our state. More money for teachers (ably represented by their powerful teachers union)and more money for after-school programs, self-esteem programs, diversity training, busing and summer school.

I myself am a product of the LA Unified School District when it was a quality program in the 1960s. No more. The high school I attended (University High School) was the number 2 rated school in the country in the 1960s. Today, that is a distant memory as the once-beautiful campus is now run down and surrounded by iron fencing as if it were a minimum security prison. I would also remind Mr O'Connell that I did not always go to summer school. When I did, it was purely for academic reasons. When I didn't, I wasn't getting arrested, beat up, raped, left at home alone, chased by the Boogey Man or suffering from heat exhaustion in a cramped apartment.

The day is rapidly approaching when California will have to officially admit that it is broke and the spigot has run dry. I can't wait for that day to arrive. Hopefully, there won't even be enough money to pay Jack O'Connell's salary.

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Findalis said...

I wonder what Jack O'Connell is smoking if he actually believes that the voters of California will support higher taxes.

You gave some excellent examples of what should be done, but won't be due to PC.