Tuesday, April 28, 2009

White House Screws up in NYC

"Relax, it's just a White House photo shoot."

What bonehead came up with the idea of having Air Force One do a flyover above Lower Manhattan (the site of the World Trade Center)? That was the scene yesterday morning that sent office workers scurrying out of their work places onto the street screaming as emergency call centers were inundated with 911 calls. Was it another hijacked plane on a suicide mission? What were those Air Force jets in pursuit going to do-shoot the plane down right over Manhattan? Was it the next 9-11?

Well, no. It was just a White House photo shoot. Apparently, some genius in the White House decided it was time to "upgrade" their photos of AF One flying over the Statue of Liberty. Apparently, the statue had too many pigeon droppings in the old photos.

And apparently, no one bothered to tell the mayor's office. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was clearly upset at the stealth operation that caused such panic in the streets and buildings below. The NYPD says they were notified but were instructed "not to tell anybody."

White House Press Secretary Roberts Gibbs was customarily unhelpful when asked about the incident waving it off in a flippant manner.

Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano, as always, had no answer for Ann Curry when asked about the incident. All she could offer was that "mistakes were made", the old traditional use of the passive voice to avoid stating WHO made the mistake.

And President Obama? No word from him, but aides say he was "furious".

Then some White House military aide named Louis Caldera fell on his sword and took the blame saying he authorized the flight. Predictably, many Republicans are calling for Caldera's resignation. Of course, they were already calling for poor Janet's resignation before this happened. Gibbs? What Republican in his/her right mind would want Gibbs to resign? This buffoon is too valuable and entertaining-if you are a Republican, conservative or just don't like the Obama Administration.

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