Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whatever Happened to Susan Roesgen?

(Tip of the hat to Founding

Future MSNBC anchor Susan Roesgen covers the tax protests in Chicago for CNN

(Don't bother clicking this video. CNN has pulled it from public view.)

The burning question of the day is why CNN pulled down that video on YouTube that showed CNN reporter Susan Roesgen trying to denigrate tax protesters in Chicago on April 15.

We have all seen the video of Ms Roesgen speaking condescendingly to a man with a child in his arms then being lectured in turn by a female demonstrator. Through it all, the arrogant Ms Roesgen looks back at the camera and speaks disparagingly of the demonstrators to her colleagues in the news room. She states that these demonstrations were put together by that "right-wing conservative news organization"-Fox News. She acts like the situation is about to explode in violence (which none of the demonstrations did). The video not only appeared on TV, but was immediately posted by numerous conservative blogs like mine.

Alas, however, if you click on the image, all you get is a notice that the video is no longer available because CNN has claimed its copyright-and pulled it. Why would CNN do such a thing? After all, this "The Most Trusted name in News" (Is that how it goes?)

The reason the video has been pulled is because the arrogance and condescension of Ms Roesgen and CNN towards these everyday folks shines through and through. Add to that the reporter tried to inform the obviously ignorant demonstrators that in return for all those taxes they pay, (the corrupt state of) Illinois gets billions in bailout money back from the government. I forget the exact total she quoted. I would go back and check the tape........

but I can't!!!!

Ah, but CNN was not the only people with cameras that day. Founding Fathers Blog also captured some of the events with Ms Roesgen.

And this:

"But he's the President of the United States!"

Anyway, CNN has compounded its goof by removing their video from public view. The best thing they could do now is remove their other goof (Ms Roesgen) from public view. But cheer up, Suzie. MSNBC has its eye on you.


Anonymous said...

Here's my favorite Tea Party sign!

Gary Fouse said...


I think that poster is disgusting. I don't think the person holding it is making an anti-Jewish statement, but it is a tasteless analogy.