Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random Shots in the Dark (14)

Today, Air Force One, fresh from its buzzing of Manhattan, will carry President Obama to St Louis, where he will hold a press conference. Aside from the question of why he has to use all that precious fuel to go to St Louis to do what he could do in the White House, it is hoped that AF One won't fly under the Gateway Arch with a streamer attached to the tail reading, "Eat at Joe's".

Speaking of the NYC flyover, I heard the plane was flying so low, it almost knocked the high-powered rifle out of Keith Olbermann's hands as he was taking aim at the streets below from his perch on top of the NBC tower.

So what if Arlen Spector is now a Democrat? He was precisely the kind of guy the Republicans needed to purge. Let the Dems have their 60 vote majority. They won't be able to blame anyone but themselves for the fiasco that is coming. Spector is a pathetic little man who at 79, can't let go of power even if it means screwing those who propped him up in his last election-then blasting Republican primary voters in Pennsylvania. The man is nothing more than a crass opportunist. He'll look great standing there next to Harry Reid. And while he's leaving, he can take the two liberal gals from Maine with him.

Note to Nancy Pelosi: You want a "truth commission"? Be careful what you wish for. What's your next excuse going to be about those CIA water board briefings? Did you think they were talking about surfing?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: "Whee....Thanks for taking me surfing, guys. Now what do you want to know?"

Guess which state's lawmakers are looking at another pay raise? Yep, none other than California, where a commission is set to meet on the question of a pay raise. This commission meets once a year. In case you don't know, California commissions are landing pads for unre-elected politicians. They get $100,000+ salaries to meet once, twice, three times a year. And you wonder why California is going broke and wants to raise taxes?

Janet Napolitano is better than Jay Leno, who makes people laugh five nights a week. With Napolitano, it's 7 days a week with her ridiculous comments on the problems that she is supposed to be dealing with. Swine flu? Please don't call it swine flu. It's the H1NI flu according to her and Agricultural Secretary Tom Vilsack. (Reminds me of the Overseas Contingency Operations). It's called protecting the pigs. Close the border because of the Swine flu? Why, there's never a reason to close the border, you know. Add that to the New York flyover, the Canada remark, entering the country illegally is not a crime statement, and those dangerous right-wing extremists and military veterans. One can only wonder what she'll say today.

Ditto for stand-up comedian Robert Gibbs. The man is funnier than a barrel-full of monkeys.

"So this guy walks into a bar.........."

Speaking of jokes, Kalifornia Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has assembled a group called the "California Dream Team" to help push this Proposition 1A past the voters-the tax extension that is described in the official voter handbook as a spending cap bill. And who is in this "Dream Team", you ask? Well, according to the radio ads, the "Dream Team" is included in a list of police, firefighters, doctors, nurses, seniors, juniors, and some mysterious guy named Jerry Finocchio-or something like that. Meanwhile, as illegals pour across the southern border, tax-payers and business owners are pouring out of California across it's eastern border.

Sign in Arizona: "Beware of Californians"

California "Attorney General" Jerry Brown is at it again. Instead of doing anything about real crime (which is rampant), crime bustin' Jerry goes after corporate polluters. Now it's the Maywood Police Department that Jerry is investigating. Maywood, an eyesore on the fringes of LA, is so inundated with illegal aliens, they actually sit on the city council (well, almost). According to Jerry, the PD is out of control. Why they are actually "stopping people on the streets", according to Jerry-and occasionally "tasering citizens". The only problem is there are no citizens in Maywood.

Now that the Cubs are off to their annual El Foldo, I have come to the conclusion that only government intervention can produce a Cub pennant. That's what we need, fellow-Cub fans-a government program. With Obama in the White House-Now Is The Time! In fact, President Obama should apologize to Cub fans everywhere for the lack of a Cub pennant since 1945 and World Series title since 1908. He could also stop off in Chicago and shake hands with folks like Milton Bradley and some of the other Cub players who haven't been producing. A few words from the president should change all that, I'm sure. In the meantime, however, as Gene Autry used to say when he was the owner of the (then awful) Angels:

"I'm back in the cellar again"

Speaking of apologies, when Obama was in Europe, did he say anything to the Europeans about how America has bailed them out of two world wars and saved them from fascism, Nazism and communism? Of course not. That would be arrogant, just as it would be arrogant to remind them of the American cemeteries located at Normandie, as well as other sites in France and Belgium.

Did you hear anything come out of that Durban II conference in Geneva last week about Darfur, Mumbai, terrorism, piracy, beheadings, stonings, or anything like that?

No? Either did I.

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Brittanicus said...

Proposition 1A through 1F of the propositions in the upcoming special election consider a NO vote, because it's downright fraud. Remember you are paying for prison cells, education health care and other forced Federal mandates for illegal alien families. Since proposition 187 those people in Sacramento have stuck it to you. Welfare - $1.8 to $3 billion per year is lost due to fraud in the Food Stamps, Medi-Cal and Cal WORKS programs. Remove illegal immigrants and felons from Cal WORKS. More than 42 percent of California’s taxpayer-funded, Medi-Cal births are to illegal immigrant mothers. Every month, $37 million in welfare and food stamps, health care goes to illegal alien families in Los Angeles county.

A blockbuster example of fraud is the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). Economics writer Ed Rubenstein’s new report, “The Earned Income Tax Credit and Illegal Immigration: A Study in Fraud, Abuse, and Liberal Activism,” The author says immigrants collected about $12 billion from the EITC last year, the majority not paying a cent towards it. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation found high school-dropouts-who headed households pay an average of $9,700 a year in taxes but collect an average of $32,138 a year in benefits. All this money in real dollars is procured from unaware taxpayers. Surf NUMBERSUSA for the truth not the propaganda you expect for the open border zealots.