Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still "Bushed"

It is the year 2050. Keith Olbermann, now retired and residing at the Happy Valley "Retirement Home" sits and waits......and waits.....

"I won't be here long. George Bush is coming to take me home. Is he here yet?"

"He's coming, Mr Olbermann. He's coming".


EagleEye said...


Damn. Every time I see Olbermann I have to ask just what he is going to do after four years, when you can no longer blame Bush...

...oh..wait... Rush pointed out that he and Hannity will be MSNBC's next whipping boys..:)


Gary Fouse said...

It's true. You flip on Olbermann and he is still talking about Bush and the possibility of the whole admin being indicted for war crimes. During Bush's presidency, he had a segment called "Bushed". Now it's "Still Bushed".

The man is becoming a parody of himself.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I like how you call Olbermann a parody of himself, yet you remain a fan of Malkin, Coulter, Hannity, Limbaugh, etcetera.

The Daily Show had some bits lately where all they had to do was play parts of Hannity's show. There was no joke that followed, as the absurdity of what Hannity says all by himself is funny enough.

And I still think that the best skewering of Olbermann was the one on SNL.

Oh, and speaking of beating something to death - isn't time for another entry on Bill Ayers?

Anonymous said...

Not that I watch Keith's show (or even have cable TV for that matter) or wish to defend him, BUT...

Did all of the conservative pundits cease their whining about President Clinton as soon as President Bush took office in January of 2001? Because I'm pretty sure they've still been bashing him for the last 8 years, and continue to do so to this day.

Also, criticisms of the Bush administration are still legitimate, because its policies and actions will still be directly affecting our country for at least the next 2 to 4 years. President Obama isn't all of a sudden responsible for everything that might happen. I saw the same sort of thing from a lot of rabid liberals during President Bush's first term: everything was all of a sudden HIS fault when something went bad, despite the fact that many things could be blamed on the Clinton administration. It's silly and shows a lack of understanding of how Presidential policy has long-term effects.

Gary Fouse said...


Olbermann is indeed a parody of himself bercause of his continuing self-righteous anger about Bush et al and his vendetta against O'Reilly. meone need to tell him Buh i gone. As for The daily Show and SNL, I never watch it.

And yes, it is about time, I do somemthing on Ayres. I understand some group is protesting his appearance on some college campus, but I don't know which college.

UCI is hosting a big bash-Israel conference Saturday with none other than Norman Finklestein. I will be there to report on it, and if I get a chance to be the skunk at the garden party, I will jump on it.

Gary Fouse said...


As usual, you raise good points. No, Clinton's critics, like me, did not cease bashing him after he left office. But keep in mind, he and Hillary refuse to leave the stage-so, they deserve the barbs.

Of course, Bush will take the barbs for any bad policies that linger, but my point here is that Keith Olbermann has an obsession with Bush. It strikes me as ridiculous that with all the other talk shows talking about the new policies of our new president, Olbermann still devotes a significant part of his show to bashing Bush and pushing this idea of prosecuting him for war crimes. That is why I am going after Olbermann. He is making himself the stuff of cartoons.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Gary, I agree that Olbermann is a parody of himself. You obviously can see that - but can you really not see that somebody like Rush "I hope the President fails" Limbaugh (and all those other right-wing jokers) are just as bad?

As for SNL - I was referring to the clip that Bryan linked here a while back.

Gary Fouse said...


Limbaugh is saying that he wants Obama's agenda of socialism and tax increases to fail. He wants Obama's ideas to fail. He wants the idea of big government to fail. That is what he said because I heard him.

Gary Fouse said...


My error-the response to you was accidentally addressed to Lance.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Gary, your doublethink is staggering. If a liberal said the same thing about Bush, he'd be labled a traitor who hates America by conservative pundits.

But I guess he needs to comment on something when he's not making fun of people with Parkinson's.

EagleEye said...


Ok, that was my cat's response as he walked across my keyboard. Since he was adamant about responding, I'll post it for him....

...oh, and you are probably right, that the person would be pummeled by right wing media. But in this case, Rush wasn't speaking about Obama.

He said: "...If he is ging to implement a far left agenda...
I think the intent here is to create as many dependent Americans as possible.

Why would I want him to succeed? I don't believe in that... I shamelessly say 'No, I want him to fail, if his agenda is a far left, collectivism- some people say socialism- as a conservative... why would I want socialism?

So though similar, it isn't a direct attack on Obama as the media did for eight years against Bush. It is a direct assault on Obama's policy of expansionism.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Come on - are you serious? So when Bush's policies are attacked, it's a direct assault on him, but when Obama's are attacked, then it's just the policies?

How you guys can actually distinguish these clowns from one another is remarkable. Talk about self parody!

Gary Fouse said...

Yes, Lance, I am deadly serious. Let me explain why. Yes, Bush's policies have been criticized, and I am fine with that. But for 8 years, what did we hear?

Bush is the "selected president"
Bush is a liar
Bush is an idiot. (heard that today at a Gaza rally at UCI)

Bush is a war criminal.
Bush lied. People died.

These statements not only came from the street, but were said in Congress by his opponents. He took them for eight years and never lashed back. It went on right to the Obama inauguration.

Obama is now my president. I will still criticize his policies when I think it is appropriate. As yet, I have not called him the sort of things people called Bush for 8 years.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

But Gary, the Bush administration DID lie! What about that study that he and his administration made 935 false statements leading up to the War in Iraq?

Oh yeah, that's right - it was a liberal source who said that, so lies aren't lies when liberals point them out.

Tell you what - let's say that they're wrong and 90% of those "lies" are innacurate. That means that he only lied 93 times. Whew! That makes me feel better!

Shoot, the whopper about the Iraq/Al Quaeda ties was bad enough! What else do you need, man?

Gary Fouse said...


"That study"

What study? Please list all 935 lies.

Gary Fouse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lance Christian Johnson said...

The Center for Public Integrity has them posted here.

And waiting for you to completely dismiss the whole thing as a result of them being "biased" in one 3...2...1...

Gary Fouse said...


Just the language of the article you quoted suggests strongly that it is an article withy an agenda.

The Center for Public Integrity is not exactly a non-partisan group. See below.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Oh, but the "Headquarters of the Conservative Underground" doesn't have any agenda at all. Puh-lease.

Don't you get it, Gary? All this agenda/bias stuff doesn't matter! What matters are the facts, and this article does absolutely NOTHING to directly address ANY of the specific accusations.

Like I said, I'm willing to give you that as much as 90% of it is exagerrated or distorted. That still leaves us with over 90 lies - quite sufficient to call Bush a liar.

Gary, you need to stop being so concerned with what's "conservative" and what's "liberal" and start worrying about what's actually true and what isn't. These ideological divides are ruining our country.

Gary Fouse said...

"These ideological divides are ruining our country."

Sure, but what is your solution for that?

What is the "Hqs for the Conservative Underground"? Is that a schtick expression that Hannity or Limbaugh are using? I haven't noticed.

Say what you will-Hannity and Limbaugh do not disguyise who they are or what they stand for. Can you say the same for the Center for Public Integrity?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Gary, I'm not going to answer your question because it's nothing more than a red herring. It doesn't matter who has integrity and who doesn't. What matters is the evidence that's being provided - which still has not been refuted. All this claptrap about them being deceptive regarding their biases is irrelevant to the issue at hand. So, I'll say it again - they called Bush a liar for the simple fact that he lied.

As for the "HQ for the Conservative Underground" - that's the tagline for the source that you gave me. I didn't make it up.

And Hannity and Limbaugh DO disguise what they do. They pretend to be informing the public when all they do is distort the facts and sometimes even blatantly lie. For Pete's sakes, Rush once said that there's no link between cigarette smoke and lung disease. The guy is a clown at best, an evil little troll at worst.

As to how we can end the theological divide, I can only do my part. Remember how I wrote that one blog about why I don't call myself a liberal? Instead, I just evaluate each issue, and if it happens to fall on the liberal side of things, then so be it - and if it falls on the conservative side, then that's okay too. (Like my feelings on gun control - just in case you didn't think that I was "conservative" about anything.)

What I would ask of you is to get rid of your banner that reads "Conservative thoughts on the issues of today." Why do they have to be conservative thoughts? Just let them be YOUR thoughts. Who cares if your side is conservative or liberal? Just write what you think and feel. Change it to "Gary Fouse's thoughts on the issues of today." When you use the word "conservative" like that, it makes me think that you all share some sort of hive-mind or something.

Gary Fouse said...


"As for the "HQ for the Conservative Underground" - that's the tagline for the source that you gave me. I didn't make it up."

Really? I didn't notice. I don't normally read them-but it is a conservative bunch.

As for changing the sub-title on my blog, I won't do that because it's a red herring.

Am I correct in assuming you don't like Hannity and Limbaugh?

Hey, I don't know anything about Limbaugh's comment about cigarette smoke-but was he talking about smoking or second-hand smoke?

I repeat, Limbaugh and Hannity and everybody else out there on talk radio including Air America are trying to persuade. There's no disguise there. They are not like someone like Dan Rather who was masquerading as a news anchor while trying to persuade us between the lines of his 6 oclock news.

Who do you like in the Super Bowl?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I don't like them because they do the one thing that I have very little tolerance for - they lie. And they lie on a regular basis. They have absolutely no respect for the facts, and they will distort any point to further their own agendas (which primarily involve ratings).

Here are some Limbaugh whoppers:

"It has not been proven that nicotine is addictive, the same with cigarettes causing emphysema [and other diseases]." (Radio show, 4/29/94)

"The worst of all of this is the lie that condoms really protect against AIDS. The condom failure rate can be as high as 20 percent. Would you get on a plane -- or put your children on a plane -- if one of five passengers would be killed on the flight? Well, the statistic holds for condoms, folks." (The Way Things Ought to Be, p. 135)

Want to know what I am? I'm anti-liar. That's what I am.

And I'd still like to point out that none of the lies that were reported by CfPI have been refuted yet. Still, all I'm getting is the "They're biased!" argument, which is attacking the source and not the argument. Any chance you'll give in and say that one can justifiably call Bush a liar? Come on, Gary - 935! Even with a 90% error rating, that's still near 100!

Superbowl? Shoot, I didn't even know that it was going to be on. I don't follow sports.

Gary Fouse said...


If your biggest objections to Limbaugh and Hannity are nicotine and condoms, then there is hope.

As for Bush, I have criticized him on many occasions, but I do not believe he is a liar. I think he is a decent man who did his best to prevent any more 9-11s.

And if you don't follow sports, you are fortunate.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Those aren't the biggest - they're just the most obviously ridiculous.

You think I'm fortunate? Consider my wife!