Monday, January 26, 2009

The Rebuttal to Fitna

In reference to my posting of Fitna, in the interest of fairness, I am also posting a rebuttal to Geert Wilders' film. You will note that it is labeled part 1 and deals with Qu'ranic verses. I am still trying to locate the other part(s)of this rebuttal. In the meantime, part 1 is below.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

I'm normally not a very big fan of apologetics, but this video was pretty interesting. If Wilder's film really did doctor and mine those quotes the way they did, then they're really engaging in some intellectual dishonesty.

Don't get me wrong - the Koran has problems just like any other "holy book", but I don't believe that it's as bad as some people say that it is (compared to The Bible, that is).

Gary Fouse said...


Just trying to be fair. Yet, the rebuttal seems to be trying to put an interpretation on language that still talks about war and killing.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Well, it hasn't changed my mind about The Koran. I think that it's an old book with some lessons that are applicable to a just and moral society, but for the most part, it needs to be seen in its proper context and should not be viewed as the instructions from some divine power. I think the same thing about The Iliad though.