Monday, December 22, 2008

That Other Senate Seat (New York): The Fousesquawk Pick

Fousesquawk choice for the next Senator from New York (in order of preference-top-bottom)

Terry Bradshaw

Nita Schmo....Looey....Lowey

Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg

Almost lost in the shuffle of the Blogoyevich Senate seat selling scandal is the other apparent shuffle going on in New York. Now that Her Highness has deigned to accept the post Of Secretary of State as consolation for Her failed presidential bid, it seems another lady with no qualifications has come along and decided she wants to be a US Senator. That lady would be Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, daughter of JFK.

Let me state at the outset that I have no axe to grind with Ms Kennedy-Schlossberg. By all accounts, she has led her life with class and dignity being the daughter of our martyred president. I am sure she has done good works and done well in her endeavors. The fact that I don't know what her endeavors have been all these years doesn't mean a hill of beans. It does indicate, however, that politically, she has not been accumulating the kind of political experience it "requires" to be a US Senator-like Hillary Rodham Clinton. Or Al Franken, for that matter.

This does, however, raise the specter of a state (New York) which welcomes people with high-profile names that want to represent the State in Congress-whether they have hereto been a resident of the state or not- Her Highness and RFK come to mind.

I remember when that nice lady, what was her name?- Nina Schmoey or something- she was considered to be on the top of the list to run for the Senate in 2000-until Her Highness decided She wanted the job. Then Ms, what was her name -had to stand next to Her Highness on the platform and feign joy when Her Highness announced that, yes, She was going to run for Senator in a state She was not even living in.

So are we seeing the repeat now? Is America so desperate for yet another Kennedy to step into the arena and begin that walk to the presidency that we all dream about-a return to Camelot-that the pressure on Governor David Paterson to appoint her will be overwhelming? Does Kennedy-Schlossberg (or is it just Kennedy again now?) have the qualifications to measure up to the performance of say, Chuckie Schumer- who knows? In fact, who knows what it takes anymore to be a senator, or governor, or president? Is it just the name that counts these days?

I got it! Nita Lowey-that's her. I say give it to the nice lady who has paid her dues. What? She doesn't want it? She's already told her party to shove the job? Good for her.

But that takes us back to the Camelot question. Isn't there somebody out there with name recognition that could be an alternative?

I got it! Terry Bradshaw-Hall of Fame Quarterback and 4-time Super Bowl winner for my Pittsburgh Steelers. It doesn't matter that he's not from New York, and besides, he'll look great next to Chuckie Schumer.

Terry Bradshaw. Write it down.


Ingrid said...

Why don't we just get a king and start a royal tradition? Sometimes I really wonder why we threw him out in the first place.
Just what qualifies Ms.Kennedy-Schlossberg? I am with you on that one.

Gary Fouse said...


It's that Kennedy name. We have an entire family tree in this country that thinks it is Entitled.