Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bill Clinton's Donor List-Conflict of Interest?

Now that Bill Clinton has "revealed" his list of donors, an examination of the countries involved has to beg the question: Will there exist a conflict of interest when Madame Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton takes over the reins as the head of our diplomatic corps?

I'll let you make the call.

Keep in mind that there are no incriminating taped phone calls, bugged hotel rooms or informants coming forward to testify. Based on your common sense, you make the call.

It has now been made public (as part of Hillary's vetting process for the State job) that over the past ten years, Bill Clinton has received tens of millions of dollars from several governments to Clinton's foundation, the Clinton Global Initiative, which funds that notorious library in Arkansas and other works to supposedly alleviate poverty, hunger and AIDS around the world. Here are some of the contributors:

Government of Saudi Arabia- $10-25 million dollars.

Government of Brunei- $ 1+ million dollars.

Same amounts from the governments of Kuwait, Oman, Norway and Qatar.

In addition, Clinton has received at least a million bucks from the Dubai Foundation of the United Arab Emirates and the "Friends of Saudi Arabia" founded by some Saudi prince.

Individual donors include a Nigerian businessman tied closely to a former military head of state, an Indian billionaire steel magnet (Amar Singh), who is reputed to be the 4th richest man in the world, and who has previously lobbied Hillary for a joint Indian-US civilian nuclear power venture, a Canadian mining executive who took Bill on a junket to Kazakhstan as he was trying to gain a lucrative uranium contract, and a Ukrainian businessman who is the son-in-law of a former authoritarian president of that country.

And that doesn't include the monster speaking fees that big-wigs fork over to have Der Schlikmeister come and lie to them for an hour.

Now don't write me nasty grams pointing out my complete lack of evidence as to pro-quid-pro. Just sit back and meditate awhile about all your memories of Bill Clinton as president. And if you conclude that everything is on the up-and up, fine. In a criminal court, you would win the case as things now stand.

However, do you really think there is no reason to fear that when Hillary goes negotiatin' with these folks, there will be no conflict of interest-no tendency to see things the Saudi way or the Nigerian way?

You make the call.

I know. I know. All former presidents, Republican and Democrat, have collected huge sums for speaking fees. Clinton is not the first, nor will he be the last. But how unseemly for a public official to cash in on his/her service to the nation and take in multi-millions.

Make no mistake folks, the Clintons are back, big time, chasing every loose nickel down the street. It will come up in the next four years; Hillary takes the side of the Saudis, Omanis, Kuwaitis et al as Bill continues to rake in the cash from the same "donors."

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