Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ready to Lead on Day One?

"I am ready to lead on Day One"

As the Democratic Primary, especially the Clinton campaign, sinks deeper into chaos, the refrain of Hillary that she is ready to lead on Day One is looking more and more ludicrous. Consider the following.

In the past few days, statements by Geraldine Ferraro have come to light that have exacerbated the racial aspect of this campaign. Ferraro has stated (and refused to back down from her statement) that the only reason Obama has come so far in the campaign is because he is black. Ferraro also added that the only reason she got the VP nod in 1984 was because she was a woman. (I could have told her that in 1984.) In other statements, Ferraro has implied that Mrs Clinton has been treated unfairly as a woman.

Obama and his supporters are crying foul-that Ferraro is injecting race into the campaign. Some imply that the lady is a racist. Ferraro, not backing down, says that it is unfair to apply the racist tag on her because of her statement. Hillary, for her part, has mildly distanced herself from Ferraro's remarks-not enough to satisfy Krazy Keith Olbermann, who editorialized on his show last night that Clinton must more forcefully reject the "awful" words of Ferraro (quotes mine). Indeed, Olbermann became so emotional, I thought he was going to pull a gun and take hostages right there on the set. Meanwhile, Ferraro has resigned from her unpaid position on Hillary's campaign.

Thus, goes the race and gender war that is the Democratic Primary. How ironic for the so-called "Party of Inclusion and Tolerance".

Meanwhile, Hillary has now seemingly lost one of her Superdelegates in the person of one Eliot Spitzer. Interestingly, our mainstream news media is largely ignoring the fact that Spitzer is tied to Clinton. As a matter of fact, they don't even mention that he is a Democrat.

Another one of Hillary's big supporters is LA Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa (National Campaign Co-Chair). If you are not from California, you may not know that this incompetent clown is fresh off a scandal involving the break up of his marriage and affair with Telemundo reporter, Mirthala Salinas. Aside from that, Villaraigosa has presided over the collapse of LA under the weight of crime, murder, gang violence, illegal aliens (LA is a sanctuary city),and now, financial collapse. Just today, the mayor, who can barely put a complete sentence together, held an embarassing press conference where he is now advocating unpaid leave days for city employees in an effort to save money (for services to illegal aliens, no doubt.) One of the reporters had the temerity to ask him if he would dock himself for all the time he has been away from the city while campaigning for Clinton. Of course, Villaraigosa skirted that question.

If Hillary succeeds in stealing the nomination from Obama, I would suggest she pick another woman as her running mate. Between Bill, Eliot and Tony, her taste in men is terrible.

On the Obama front, the Illinois senator, reacting to Hillary's teasing comments about a Superticket, asked ironically why, if he were not qualified to be president, should he be considered for VP.

However, Obama is now facing rising questions about his radical and racist pastor, Jeremiah Wright-especially now that videotapes are coming out showing the good pastor's sermons, which are vitriolic attacks on America and white people. (Let's see how the mainstream media handles this story.) Add that to the Rezko trial in Chicago and Obama's friendship with William Ayers, former Weather Underground member from the 1960s, who continues to defend his past actions, which included bombing, and what you have is a recipe for coming disasters for the Illinois senator.

Then there is the question of what to do about Florida and Michigan. What are you going to do, Dems? Are you going to enforce the rules you set and not count the votes of those two states? Or will you throw out the rule book after the fact and accept those delegates-possibly helping Hillary get the nomination? How about a do-over-or mail in?

And you want to turn over health care to these people?

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