Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Random Thoughts on the Democratic Primary Circus

top: "Hey Plaxico, wanna come to our victory party?"
left: Denver Convention 2008?
right: Eliot Spitzer's new movie

Did I hear the news right that Hillary Clinton is talking about asking Barack Obama to be her VP running mate? What gall! Sounds like the New England Patriots deluding themselves into thinking they won the Superbowl and inviting the Giants to their victory party. ("Sorry Pats- We have a previous commitment").

If Obama goes into the Denver Convention with a delegate lead, and leaves Denver without the nomination, how does one convince his supporters that he didn't get screwed? To my obsolete way of thinking, the only way Hillary wins the nomination fair and square is by overtaking Obama in the delegate count-without benefit of Florida and Michigan-and without the Superdelegates pulling it out for her in a smoke-filled room.

The way things look now, Denver may look like Chicago 1968-you know police batons, firehoses-and that's just inside the convention hall. Already, the ubiquitous Al Sharpton is revving up his motor and letting everyone know he won't stand for Obama getting jobbed out of the nomination. I can't wait.

It's been a bad week for Hillary's big supporters. Geraldine Ferraro is out there making statements to the effect that Obama is only a serious candidate because he is black-and refusing to back away in the face of a backlash. Result for Hillary? More embarrassment and more racial tension in the "party of inclusion and tolerance". Earlier, Ed Rendell, Governor of Pennsylvania and a Clinton supporter, had weighed in that a black candidate may not be able to get elected.

Then there is NY Governor (soon to be ex-Governor), Eliot Spitzer, one of Hillary's would be Superdelegates and proud member of the "Emperor's Club". Yet, even as more details leak out ($80,000 on hookers??), the Mainstream News Media bends over backwards not to mention that he is a Democrat, (unlike when Republicans get caught with their pants down). In addition, some Democrats are trying to rally around the now-disgraced governor. ("Prostitution should be legal". "It could have been a Bush wiretap", etc).

Speaking of Spitzer, I just checked out the Daily Kos and Hardly a word about the Pride of Albany and only in passing.

Don't forget the names Bill Ayers (ex-Weather Underground), Jeremiah Wright (Obama's controversial pastor)and Tony Rezko (currently on trial in Chicago on racketeering charges). All three are close to Obama and could very well derail his campaign at any time-including before the Denver Convention if Hillary gets desperate enough. If the Clintons do indeed throw the kitchen sink at Obama, that will be it.

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