Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Memoriam

Avraham David Moses, 16
Segev Pniel Avichayil, 15
Neriah Cohen, 15
Yonathan Yitchak Eldar, 16
Yochai Lipshitz, 18
Yonadav Haim Hirshfeld, 19
Ro'i Rote, 18
Doron Mehereta, 26


Anonymous said...
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Rory Cohen said...

They were good, honest young men. They will be sorely missed.

It was a Muslim-Israeli who massacred these boys. Muslim-Israelis are afforded the exact same rights as Jewish-Israelis without having to serve in the military.

When Palestinians say they want the "right of return" I can't help but wonder what that will entail.

More attacks against Jewish civilians?

And if that isn't enough the Israeli government and allies are pushing forward with a Palestinian state. I wonder what the effects of such a sovereign state will be? Considering Hamas and the PLO's relationships with Islamic regimes like Iran, we should be very worried.