Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright- Here Comes the Kitchen Sink

Barack Obama-Jeremiah Wright

For months, we have been saying that Barack Obama's pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was going to hurt Obama's campaign. Now that ABC's Brian Ross has released videotapes of Wright's sermons, Wright is front and center in the Democratic Primary election campaign. Is this stage one of the so-called "Kitchen Sink" that might derail Obama's path to the nomination?

I hope that every American gets the opportunity to see and hear Jeremiah Wright for themselves- the "God Damn America" rants, the justifications for 9-11, the references to Hillary Clinton as "white" this and "white that", as well as references to "Uncle Toms". According to Wright, American is an evil country, and he doesn't seem to have much use for white folks either. This man is a vile racist who hates his country. This is a man who claims that we invented the AIDS virus to infect non-whites. Christian minister? This sounds more like some radical Muslim cleric preaching Jihad in some London mosque.

Remember also that this is the same man who traveled with Louis Farrakhan to Libya in 1984 to meet with Moamar Khadafi. This is the same man who recently gave an award to Farrakhan. This is the church that emphasizes the so-called "black value system" and other "black principles" that can only tell other ethnic groups that they are not welcome.

Now that the tapes are out there for all to see and hear, Obama has reacted (as he had to) and released a statement today that he repudiates the offensive statements made by Wright. He claims not to have been present in church when these vile things were said.

It is not enough, and it is not convincing. Obama's explanations sound a lot like the old, "I just played the piano. I didn't know what was going on upstairs" line.

First of all, Barack Obama has been affilated with this church and this pastor (Wright recently retired) for almost 20 years. He has identified Wright as his mentor and inspiration. The title of his first book, The Audacity of Hope, came from one of Wright's sermons. Wright married Barack and Michelle Obama and baptized their children.

Obama's statements about Wright are not only insufficient, but lame. He says that the worst sermons were made when he was not present. C'mon! In his nearly 20 years attending the Trinity Church, he has not heard these rants, as he is claiming? That strains credulity. He implies that only in the past year has he learned of Wright's controversial pronouncements. He has stated that he only stayed in the church because Wright was retiring. No, Mr Obama, he was your mentor and inspiration-in your own words. You also put him on an advisory committee for your campaign. You and your wife have been listening to Wright's sermons for nearly two decades. Your explanations do not wash.

When one views the sermons, one not only hears the vicious words, but one sees and hears the wild applause and affirmations of the congregation. What were Barack and Michelle Obama doing during these sermons? Were they sitting there like potted plants?

Recently, Obama explained his relationship to Wright by referring to all the families who have a crazy uncle that they don't agree with. We can't choose our uncles, but we can choose our churches, Mr and Mrs Obama.

That leads me to Mrs Obama. In light of her recent speeches and questionable references to her country, I also want to hear the woman who would be our First Lady speak out about Dr Wright and answer the same questions as her husband.

But it is not enough to state that they don't agree with those statements. Will they remain in this church-and why have they been a part of it for almost 20 years?

In the interest of full disclosure, I had been hoping that Obama would get the nomination out of my intense revulsion toward Hillary Clinton. I even voted for him in the California Primary since, as an independent, I was precluded from voting for a Republican. Of course, I never entertained the thought that I might vote for him in November. I have written that Hillary would have to steal the nomination from Obama since he has the delegate lead and will hold it when the convention begins in Denver.

So, at this point, the Democrats may have to bite the bullet and choose between handing the nomination to Hillary-which she could not win from the voters-or allowing Obama, with this odious association, to become their standard-bearer.

So on goes the increasingly ugly Democratic Primary. Just this week, Hillary offered an apology to black voters for remarks made by Geraldine Ferraro about Obama. Who, if anyone, will Obama apologize to for Wright's dispicable rants?

Now that Obama has denied previous knowledge of Wright's words, if that proves not to be true, then he is finished. More importantly, is there a hidden side to Barack and Michelle Obama, two people who represent themselves as bridging the racial divide? I don't know, but I don't think this man has any business being a US senator, let alone President of the United States.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Assuming that all that you wrote is true, it is difficult to defend Obama in this instance. Dammit, once again, I have nobody to root for in the upcoming election (who actually stands a chance of winning.)

Right Truth said...

This is the anchor around Obama's neck that Hillary has been waiting for. I bet she looks like the cat that ate the canary today.

I told hubby tonight that somebody is going to look and see if Obama was present for any of these sermons. After his denial tonight, if he WAS present ... he's doomed (I hope)

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Gary Fouse said...

That's right. Obama went on the record tonight and denied ever being present during any of those rants. If it turns out that he was present, especially if he is on tape applauding, it's adios Obama.

Gary Fouse said...

Don't go by what I write. View the video tapes for yourself. Look up Obama's responses in the past 48 hours. He has been all over the TV channels. (I don't think Michelle has said anything.)

But ask yourself this: How is it possible to be a member of a church for 20 years, where the pastor is one you describe as your spiritual mentor, and not be aware of what he has been saying from the pulpit?

Obama's explanations are weak and not credible.

This is just the beginning. If you don't know the names, Tony Rezko and William Ayers, you need to research them. They are close Obama associates also.

Tony Rezko is a Chicago businessman currently on trial for racketeering. Obama was involved in suspicious land deals with Rezko including a sweetheart deal where the Obamas bought property from the Rezkos next door. You might want to research the investigations done by the Chicago newspapers.

Wm Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground who was involved in bombings in the 60s, but not prosecuted due to legal screw-ups. He is the husband of Bernadette Dohrn, also Weather Underground member and fugitive, now a Prof at Northwestern University. Ayers, far from being repentent about his past, maintains that he is proud of what he did and didn't do enough.

He is a close friend and associate of Obama.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I read all about it in the paper the next day. It is pretty difficult to defend. I think that the best case scenario is that he showed REALLY poor judgment - which, well, isn't a very good scenario, is it?

Don't get me wrong, I wasn't convinced that I would be voting for Obama in the first place. I might have had some foolish, wide-eyed optimism when I let my guard down, but I don't let that rule me in the voting booth.

Gary Fouse said...


It is exactly the reaction of folks like you (I mean on the liberal side) to this development that helps convince me that this will destroy Obama's chances in November.

Of course, I once, not long ago, pronounced McCain's campaign as being dead.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing was predictable when the media gave him a pass for so long. Had ABC and Fox jumped on the bait in August or September of 2007 I am not sure Obama would have wan in Iowa, it might be Dodd or Edwards or Richardson who would be left to face Hillery Rodham Clinton. Any one of those three, or others who bid for the nomination at the first stages of the primeries had been looked at up close. Obama made a speach against the war, addressed the Democratic National Committee and thats about it.
His Church, as well as him being from Chicago with its dirty politics are two red flags that Democrats should have seen coming 100 miles away.
Robert Tilden