Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama Wins in South Carolina

South Carolina to Hillary: "It's Obama! And by the way, Queenie, you're ugly!"

As the returns are still coming in, Barack Obama has been declared the landslide winner in the South Carolina Democratic Primary. With 95% of the precincts counted, Obama has 55%, Hillary Clinton 27% and John Edwards 18%. While the Clinton campaign had all but conceded the state, the landslide numbers must be considered cause for real concern for Hillary. Blacks, as predicted, voted overwhelmingly for Obama in spite of Hillary's courtship of black leaders that a few months ago, seemed to foretell a victory in the Palmetto State. Obama also did rather well with white voters, which may be a refutation of the apparent Clinton strategy of turning this into a racial divide within the Democratic Party.

This can only reinforce the growing perception that Democrats are becoming turned off by the ugly Clinton tactics. Conventional wisdom has up to now been that Hillary is in line to win big in places like California, New York and New Jersey-and eventually win the nomination. However, if it is true that Democrats are (finally after all these years) becoming revulsed by the tactics of the Clintons, then South Carolina may be a harbinger of things to come.


Ingrid said...

Gary, I am watching as much as I can about the campaign in Germany. I am also very interested in your exchange with my son. Already I told you what I think of having the Clintons around. Some days ago I saw Clinton on TV and he sounded like Barbara Bush, saying, it doesn't hurt when people attack him, but when they attack someone he "LOVES", he gets angry. Barbara always says that when people pick on her son. Gag me with a spoon.

Gary Fouse said...

Yeah, he really loves his wife. Rumors are going around the Internet that Bill is involved with a Canadian politician. Of course, I stress they are rumors on the Internet, so take it for what it's worth. Don't look for our mainstream news media to look into it unless it hits them in the face. Where are all those "investigative journalists"?