Friday, January 25, 2008

Adios McCain

Just as John McCain was resurrecting his presidential bid and moving towards the top of the pact, comes this blockbuster news courtesy of Michelle Malkin and Hot Air: It seems that McCain now has a senior advisor on his staff for outreach to the Hispanic community. His name is Juan Hernandez. If you don't know who Juan Hernandez is, you need to do some research.

Juan Hernandez appears periodically on the Fox News shows, specifically Bill O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes. Mr Hernandez is a dual citizen (American-Mexican)who previously worked in ex-President Vicente Fox's cabinet in Mexico. Mr Hernandez, to put it mildly, is an open borders advocate and activist. He is also a fellow in McCain's Reform Institute. When appearing on Fox News debates, Mr Hernandez comes across and congenial, always smiling, ever polite. But make no mistake. His cause is not just "immigration reform", but open borders.

That McCain would have this man in his inner circle puts the lie to his recent claims that "he has gotten the message" about border security. I have heard McCain tell voters on CSPAN that he will "build the fence". Others have overheard McCain talk angrily about "building the Goddamn fence if that's what they want." Hernandez' presence on McCain's staff tells me that the Arizona senator has no intention of building any fence if elected president.

Like many conservatives, I was willing to give McCain a second look as he was making his surge. No longer. This man strikes me as arrogant and dismissive of anyone who disagrees with him. His experience as a military hero and POW is worthy of respect from all of us, and I have heard none of his political opponents belittle his military record. In that regard, he is a true American hero. Unfortunately, his record as a politician does not live up to his military record. There are several issues about which he is right on- the War Against Terror, winning in Iraq and cutting pork. But for me, the issue of illegal immigration is too important to overlook in a candidate.

I can only hope that this revelation regarding Mr Hernandez will be disseminated quickly enough and widely enough to bring an end to McCain's rise in the primary polls.

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