Friday, February 8, 2019

Grand Canyon University Reverses Itself: Invites Ben Shapiro to Speak

Hat tip The College Fix

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"Can we dig ourselves a little deeper?"

Grand Canyon University, after several days of national publicity for dis-inviting conservative pundit Ben Shapiro to speak, has now reversed its earlier position. They will invite Shapiro to speak sometime in the spring, but have blasted the national leadership of Young America's Foundation, whose GCU chapter had originally invited Shapiro.

It's a wonder what a little negative publicity can do. Left a bit unclear is just how much the YAF's GCU chapter can still be involved in a Shapiro appearance. If not at all, I would suggest Shapiro tell GCU to take a flying leap into the Grand Canyon.

It appears that GCU Today, the camnpus newspaper of GCU, is not operated by students, rather is just a mouthpiece for the school administration.

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