Sunday, December 16, 2018

Parents of Strasbourg Terrorist Speak

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Image result for abdelkrim chekatt
Abdelkrim Chekatt

The parents of Cherif Chekatt, the terrorist who carried out the Strasbourg attack last week, have spoken to the media about their son.Abdelkrim Chekatt, sporting a Che Guevara cap, admits to the media that his son was an ISIS sympathizer. The video can be viewed below.

Juan Cole's Latest "Opus Magnum" :"Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires"

Hat tip Campus Watch and Middle East Forum


University of Michigan professor Juan Cole has been embarrassing himself for years with his fervent defense of all things Islamic.  With his latest book, "Muhammad: Prophet of Peace Amid the Clash of Empires", he really makes himself into a laughing stock. Not so funny is how the University of Michigan could employ someone who throws history to the wind like Cole.

There is no point here in trying to repeat Andrew Harrod's refutation of Cole's thesis. Harrod does it quite well. May I perhaps, however, suggest some titles for future works by the Learned Professor of Ann Arbor?

(That's Baby Adolf in case you didn't know.)

The Latest West Virginia Joke: UWV

I don't mean to poke fun at the state of West Virginia in this article. The Mountaineer State has long been the butt of  jokes around the country. Supposedly, people from West Virginia are a bunch of dumb, inbred hillbillies. I don't intend to pile on here. In contrast, there is a misperception that in places like West Virginia, the Midwest, and the South, people have too much common sense to fall for the politically correct madness that infects our universities. Only in places like California does that insanity reign supreme.

Think again.

The fact is that the culture of our universities exists all over the country. Thus, you find islands of insanity right in the middle of red states like-even West Virginia.

From Daily Wire comes the story of a University West Virginia student who is actually under investigation for wearing a Halloween costume dressed up like a border patrol agent.

Even if you think the costumes are in bad taste (as opposed to looking like a skeleton or ghost), how can one argue that this crosses the line of freedom of expression?

Strike that. On university campuses, we don't even know anymore what crosses the line. If there is a  guide, it is called political correctness. You can dress up like Donald Trump with fangs and blood drooling down your chin, but God help you if you show up on any campus wearing a MAGA cap. You can walk around waving the flags of Mexico, Honduras, or that mythical land called Palestine, but God help you if it is an American flag. That is offensive, you know.

So don't think that academic insanity is limited to California. You can send your kids to the University of Mississippi or the University of Alabama and find the same thing.

We already know about the University of West Virginia.

Strasbourg Death Toll at Four

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

The below news report from Spain reports that the death toll from last week's attack in Strasbourg has risen to four. The terrorist, Cherif Chekatt, who was later shot and killed by French police, was born in Strasbourg to an Algerian family. He was a career criminal who eventually became radicalized.

Translation of the video is by Fousesquawk with sub-titling by Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Pomona College: Memorial to Pittsburgh Synagogue Defaced

Hat tip Jewish

In the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre, students at Pomona College put up a memorial to the victims. Predictably, it was defaced with pro-Palestinian messages and a Palestinian flag.

Pomona College is one of several colleges within the Claremont system. Here is an op-ed about the incident on The Student Life (Pomona College). 

 Here is an article from the Claremont Independent.

I got a real kick out of the above statement by Students for Justice in Palestine. You talk about crocodile tears. Predictably, both articles avoid any suspicion being directed toward pro-Palestinian students or perpetrators.

BDS Is Indeed Anti-Jewish

This article first appeared in Times of Israel.

Here in the United States, proponents of the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement against Israel (BDS) like to argue that their movement is not anti-semitic, rather that it only seeks to pressure Israel to give justice to the persecuted Palestinians. They argue BDS is a peaceful tactic to bring about justice. I take issue with that having seen BDS up close and personal for several years while teaching part-time at the University of California at Irvine. Aside from that, I have had the opportunity of seeing one of BDS’ co-founders, Omar Barghouti, speak twice, once at UC Irvine and once at UC Riverside.

Image result for omar barghouti
Omar Barghouti
Barghouti himself is a shifty character, one who presents himself as a human rights activist, which is laughable. At UC Irvine, I asked him where he was born, which for him, is a touchy subject he likes to avoid. That’s because, he was not born in Israel or even Gaza or the West Bank. He was born in Qatar and grew up in Egypt. He showed up in Israel around 1993 and outraged many Israelis by getting higher education at Tel Aviv University even while trashing Israel before international audiences. At UCI, he refused to tell me where he was born, calling it “irrelevant”. At UC Riverside, he responded to my criticism by asking why he shouldn’t attend university “in his own country”.
Also, in his UCI appearance, he made a telling comment when asked by an audience member if the BDS movement would end if the Israelis and Palestinians made a peace treaty. His answer was not if it didn’t include the provisions which were important to them, such as the “right of return”, which if ever implemented, would make a such a state more Islamic than Jewish. And we know what would happen to the Jews then. Their continued presence in “Israel-Palestine” would be untenable.
The postings and videos of both those appearances can be viewed here and here.

Aside from the slippery Mr Barghouti, there are other reasons why BDS is indeed anti-Jewish. First of all, let us discount the fact that organizations like Students for Justice in Palestine and the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel have managed to enlist certain misguided Jewish students and professors to join their cause. I have encountered them on many occasions. They are misfits. Groups like Jewish Voice for Peace stand shoulder to shoulder with people who-if they could- would drive every last Jew out of Israel, by whatever means necessary. Students for Justice in Palestine can only be described as latter day Brown Shirts-even though they have some Jewish members. Their tactic on campus after campus across the US is to disrupt pro-Israel events and intimidate and bully pro-Israel Jewish students. It is no coincidence that swastikas are showing up on US university campuses across the nation.
Proponents of BDS are guilty of rank hypocrisy when they harp on Israel’s alleged human rights abuses while ignoring the human rights abuses of Israel’s neighbors. When Christians are persecuted in Ar4ab nations, the critics of Israel are silent. Yes, they will criticize the lack of democracy in Arab countries that are aligned with the US, but all they wish for are Islamic states that will be hostile to the US while dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Actual democracy or respect for human rights is not a factor in their thinking. Egypt is a good example. The abuses and radical agenda of Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood government were supported by the haters of Israel even if it meant another disastrous war between the two nations.
For the Arab world, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not so much over territory as it is over religion. The Muslim nations of the Middle East-and the world- cannot stomach the idea of a non-Muslim nation in the Middle East-especially a Jewish one. Some Arab nations, like Saudi Arabia, have come to the conclusion that they cannot defeat Israel militarily and that Iran is a bigger threat.
BDS is part of a grand strategy to win support from the Western world by posing as a peaceful resistance. The Palestinians may not do a lot of things well, but when it comes to PR, they have been masterful. They have the UN on their side. They have the EU on their side. In the US, they have the universities on their side, and they have most of the Democrat party on their side. Beginning in January, the US House of Representatives will have two new Democrat members, both Muslims, who are enemies of Israel. Keith Ellison, former congressman from Minnesota and co-leader of the Democrat National Committee, has been elected as Minnesota’s attorney general. Throw in BDS agitator Linda Sarsour, a US-born Palestinian-American, and then connect the dots to people like Louis Farrakhan, a notorious anti-semite, and the true agenda of the anti-Israel movement is clear. It is not about human rights or reform. It is about bringing down the Jewish state and removing Jews from the Middle East. Just like the idea of bringing about a world-wide Islamic caliphate; there are both peaceful and non-peaceful ways to accomplish it.
BDS, using fakers like Omar Barghouti, has the same goal as Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Arab armies who tried to destroy Israel in 1948, 1967 and 1973. It is the eventual end of Israel. South Africa is the template. The apartheid regime was not brought down militarily. It was brought down by international pressure and boycotts. That is why the false charge of apartheid is so often used against Israel. The comparisons between Israel and South Africa are not accurate, however. Coupled with an effective PR campaign and people gullible enough to believe the lies, the Palestinian lobby has won many supporters in the West, people who cannot see the horrific violence used by Palestinians.
BDS appeals to so many gullible people in the US because it pretends to be peaceful and swears it is not anti-Jewish. Its leaders know that if they were honest about their wish to drive the Jews out of the Holy Land, they would not get the (albeit limited) support from Americans they now enjoy.

The UN Global Migration Pact: Trump's Words in September

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

This week, leaders of several countries gathered in Marrakesh, Morocco to sign the UN Global Migration Pact. Several other countries refused to be a part of this giant surrender to uncontrolled migration. In September, President Trump spoke before the UN and stated that the US would not sign on. His words ring true today. I am cross posting an excerpt from that speech from Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Cherif Chekatt's Reward

Hat tip Gates of Vienna

A fourth victim has died from the Strasbourg Christmas Market attack. Gates of Vienna reports that Chekatt can now enjoy his 72 virgins (not really).

H/T God's Workout

Chekatt was born in Strasbourg but is of Algerian descent. Most of his life was spent committing crimes. Then he went jihad. May he burn in Hell.

The Flynn Interview: It Stunk

Robert Mueller's prosecution team turned over documents demanded by US Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan today in the Michael Flynn sentencing phase, and it does not put James Comey and the FBI in a good light. This latest comes on top of what was reported earlier this week.

Now we learn that FBI supervisor Andrew McCabe, in setting up the White House interview with Flynn, told him there was no need for a lawyer to be present. Add that to the fact that James Comey (on videotape) told MSNBC's Nicole Wallace that he decided to avoid going through the White House Counsel's Office because of the disorganized nature of the Trump White House.

Sorry, but that is no excuse. It was the first month of the new administration, so it's probably an unfair charge to make at that point, but much more importantly, if the FBI was targeting Flynn and already had negative information about him, it seems to me, they had an obligation to go through the White House Counsel Office. The more I learn about James Comey, the less respect I have for him.

"The documents include then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s notes after talking with Flynn to arrange his interview with the FBI. It also includes a so-called "302" report documenting what Flynn told anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok and one other agent during their conversation at the White House. That July 2017 report, though, specifically came from an interview with Strzok in which the Flynn encounter was discussed -- and not the original Flynn interview. It was unclear why no "302" report from the interview itself was included."

That is highly fishy. If Flynn was interviewed by agents in January 2017, the 302 should have been written within days at the most. What was the purpose of this July 302 about the interview?

And why is it only now that the court is learning these things? This strikes me as all being Brady material. That means that prosecutors have an obligation to turn over to the court and the defense any and all information that might be exculpatory or beneficial to the defendant.

We don't know all the facts yet; some of the information turned over has been redacted, but if I were Judge Sullivan, I would be thinking seriously of throwing out Flynn's guilty plea and the case altogether. This whole thing makes Comey and the FBI look bad, and it makes Robert Mueller look bad. If this turns out to be what I suspect it is, somebody needs to be indicted. And it isn't Michael Flynn.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Migrant Center Set Ablaze in Germany: Responders Attacked by Migrants

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes
Image result for bamberg

Hardly a day goes by that we don't have a new outrage out of Germany. In Bamberg, a picturesque town in northern Bavaria, a migrant center was set ablaze, and when police and fire responded, they were attacked by eight Eritreans (who are now sitting in jail).

I am familiar with Bamberg since it was located near my own US Army duty station of Erlangen back in the 1960s. It was the scene of the 1960s movie, "Town Without Pity". Hopefully, these arrestees will be shown no pity.

Angelo Ciocca (Italy) to Euro Parliament Colleagues: "Wake up!"

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Yesterday, an Italian member of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Angelo Ciocca, addressed his colleagues and told them to,  "Wake up". This in the wake of the late4st terror attack by a jihadist in that same city.

Translation by Fousesquawk with sub-titles by Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

The FBI Reports on Michael Flynn

Hat tip The Federalist

I am cross posting an article by Margot Cleveland regarding this week's bombshell revelation that there may be more than one FBI report summarizing their interview of Michael Flynn. US Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan, who is presiding over the sentencing of Flynn  for supposedly lying to the FBI is demanding that the FBI produce any other reports (form 302s) regarding the Flynn interview. At question here is whether subsequent summary 302s were produced after agents initially reported that Flynn did not appear to be lying. Read the below report, and then I will attempt to explain why this is potentially huge.

As a retired DEA agent, I can state unequivocally what the procedure is when an initial investigative report (in DEA's case DEA form 6) is found to contain a factual error. That error must be corrected. You cannot go back and change the original report. It has been signed off on and distributed to all interested offices. It is an official document and must remain in the case file. The agent has the responsibility to write a new report, referencing the first and identifying the error or item to be corrected. Both reports become part of the official file and copies go to all interested parties. Both reports go to the prosecutor and both are made available to the defense attorneys at time of trial under the laws of discovery. Original notes must also be saved and made available under discovery.

The agent involved must also be prepared to explain the error/correction when he or she testifies. In other words, investigative reports cannot simply be changed or amended or original reports discarded and replaced by later reports.

It is hoped that all parties to these FBI 302s will be brought into Judge Sullivan's court and placed under oath to explain any discrepancies. I will await the court's findings, but this could be a serious transgression.

Strasbourg Terrorist Reportedly Killed by Police

Cherif Chekatt, the Muslim terrorist who attacked the Strasbourg Christmas market, has reportedly been killed in a shootout today with police. He was located in the Neudorf section of Strasbourg based on a tip.

All I can say is that since France no longer uses the guillotine (or any other form of capital punishment), I am glad that this animal is dead.

*Update: The French blog, Francois Desouche, has photos and video (in French).

CAIR SoCal Director Arrested at Border

"Heigh ho, heigh ho
It's off to jail they go"

(Hat tip Vlad Tepes)

A few days ago, we reported that the Council on American Islamic Relations (an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood), had issued a call for people to go to the US border to assist Central American migrants trying (illegally) to get into the US.

On December 10, CAIR's Southern California director, Hussam Ayloush, was arrested at the border as seen above.

This couldn't happen to a nicer guy. No doubt, he will pay a small fine and walk away, but if his actions were actually to try and facilitate the entry of illegal aliens into this country, it would be more appropriate to throw the book at him. Ayloush, who washed up on our shores from Syria, shows extreme arrogance with his disrespect for our laws.

UC Chancellors Condemn Academic Boycott of Israel

Hat tip Amcha Initiative

In response to recent attempts by renegade faculty at various universities across the nation to implement an academic boycott of Israel, all 10 University of California chancellors have signed a joint letter condemning such efforts.

It's about time some good news came out of the UC system.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Strasbourg Death Toll Stands at Two.

"All united against barbarism"

The number of dead as a result of the Strasbourg attack stands at two with 14 wounded. Previous reports according to various sources had reported, one, three or four dead. The suspect, Cherif Chekatt, remains at large in spite of a massive manhunt on both sides of the French-German border. (Strasbourg is right on the border.)

Meanwhile, the European Parliament, which sits in Strasbourg, met today. One Italian delegate, Angelo Ciocca of the Lega Nord party in Italy, told his fellow delegates to "Wake up". We are finishing up a translation of that speech and it will be posted within the next 24 hours.

Also, this week, France and other nations met and signed the UN Global Migration Pact in Marrakesh this week, guaranteeing that more terror is on the way.

More on the Strasbourg Attack

Cherif Chekatt, the suspected shooter yesterday in Strasbourg, reportedly yelled, "Allahu Akhbar" as he opened fire in the city's Christmas market. he is still at large.

It now seems that Europe's Christmas markets are becoming prime targets for Muslim terrorists. No doubt that will spur some cities to do away with Christmas markets altogether.

Because, after all, they are so offensive to many Muslims.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Sick Norman (Finkelstein)

Hat tip Isreally Cool

Over the years, I have featured ex-professor Norman Finkelstein on this site many times. I have personally heard him speak three times in Southern California, and I always came away with the feeling that he is a disturbed individual.

Fired from DePaul University (which never should have hired him in the first place), Finkelstein has basically made his living traveling from place to place (usually university campuses) giving vicious speeches against Israel.

Last May, he appeared at an undisclosed bookstore and gave an unhinged presentation in which he advocated that Palestinians should kill Israeli border guards.

As stated above, I have heard him speak three times in Southern California over the years, and each time, I hit him with critical questions as to his linking arms with those who would kill every last Jew in Israel. He refuses to face the truth. My impression, which is confirmed by this video, is that he is seriously disturbed. He is a pathetic figure.

Terror Attack in Strasbourg, France

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Once again, Europe has been hit by Islamic terror. In Strasbourg, up to 4 people have been shot and killed. The suspect a Muslim man, who was known to security police is the suspect. He is on the run and believed wounded. The shooting took place near the town's Christmas market at about 8 pm local time.

Vlad Tepes has information on the identity of the suspect. He is identified  as Cherif Chekatt, born in France. There was reportedly a police S file on him meaning he was a security risk.

For those who read French, the French blog, Francois DeSouche's latest post reports 2 dead and 12 wounded. Chekatt was reportedly known to frequent radical circles in Strasbourg.

Even though it appears the suspect was born in France, this should stir some debate in the European Parliament-which sits in Strasbourg. This is the reality of life in the new Europe, which has been overrun with young Muslim males, many of whom are bent on jihad. Without trying to paint all Muslims as terrorists, which I have never done, the inescapable fact is that as long as Islam is in Europe, people are not safe.

This is why the Eastern European nations are saying no to Islamic migration. Hopefully, a couple of Western European nations will stop and think about today's event before they sign their countries away on the dotted line of the UN Global Migration Pact in Marrakesh this week.

Giorgia Meloni on Marrakesh Pact

Giorgia Meloni, head of the Fratelli d'Italia (Brothers of Italy) party, appeared in front of the Italian legislature this past week and responded to those in the legislature who favor the Global Migration Pact. Her words are forceful. Translation by Fousesquawk with sub-titles by Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

The Latest Terror Attack Against Israelis

This article first appeared in New English Review.

On Sunday, seven Israelis were shot and wounded  as they waited at a bus stop near the West Bank settlement of Ofra. It is believed two gunmen, who were driving past the bus stop, were responsible.

One woman, who was pregnant, was listed in critical condition. Her baby was delivered prematurely by doctors at the hospital.

This, of course, is hardly a rare occurrence, but given the recent remarks at the UN by Temple University professor and (now former) CNN commentator, Marc Lamont Hill, it is to be hoped that some enterprising journalist (or better yet, one of Hill's students) might ask Hill if this is what he means by legitimate resistance. In his UN speech, Hill defended the right of Palestinians to engage in violent resistance against Israelis. When CNN fired him, professors all over the country, like Juan Cole at the University of Michigan, jumped to his defense.

In October 2010, British journalist (I use that word lightly) Ben White, another apologist for Palestinian terror, came to speak at UC Irvine. (He  travels the world speaking against Israel and has spoken at UC Irvine on more than one occasion.) His appearance came on the heels of another similar attack against Israeli civilians that August in which four people were murdered.. When asked about that by critical audience members, White dismissed the victims as "settlers". When reminded they were human beings, his response was, "They were settler human beings".

Arguably the most shocking case of Palestinian slaughter against Israelis living in the West Bank was the infamous 2011 Fogel family massacre in which two Palestinians snuck into the Itamar residence of the Fogel family and slaughtered them as they slept. Among the dead were the parents and three of their children, one an infant whose throat was slashed in its crib. The Palestinian populace celebrated the "heroic" act of their killers by dancing in the streets and passing out candy.

I wonder what Mr Hill thought of that.

The truth is that in all the years I have witnessed people like White speak at UC Irvine and other campuses on behalf of the Palestinian cause, I don't recall any of them speaking out against Palestinian terrorism. Instead, like Hill, they defend the right of the Palestinians-including Hamas- to use "legitimate resistance to the occupation". It is a shameful position to take.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Ohio Man Charged in Pittsburgh-Inspired Plot

Hat tip Legal Insurrection
Damon Joseph

An Ohio man, Damon Joseph, a convert to Islam, has been charged for plotting an attack on a Toledo synagogue. It is believed that the suspect was inspired by ISIS as well as the recent attack on the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh,

The Pittsburgh synagogue attack should serve to remind us that anti-semitic attacks can come from many different directions, neo-Nazis, KKK-types, white nationalists, as well as Islamist jihadis-as illustrated by this particular character. My opinion is still that most of today’s anti-semitism comes from Islamic quarters, but we must condemn all forms of anti-semitism.

CAIR Puts Out Call to Assist Illegal Migrants at Border

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and Counter Jihad Coalition

"American Muslim leaders from across the nation — including Sheikh Omar Suleiman, Imam Suhaib Webb, Ramon Mejia, and Yasmine Taeb — will also take part in the solidarity event."

The Council on American Islamic Relations, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood and supporter of the US-designated terror organization, Hamas, has put out a call for people to go to the US-Mexico border on this date to support those migrants trying to cross into the US.

Below is a link to CAIR San Diego via Facebook:*F

Make no mistake: CAIR is a subversive organization.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Canadian Marrakesh Protest (Cont): Rasmus Paludan

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Courtesy of Vlad Tepes, we have a clip of Danish politician Rasmus Paludan speaking in Ottawa against the Marrakesh Pact. The UN Global Migration meeting happens this coming week in Marrakesh.

ANTIFA Shows up at Ottawa

Hap tip Ottawa fro News for video

This weekend, Canadians protested at Parliament Hill against the Marrakesh Pact on migration, which will be signed by PM Justin Trudeau in Morocco this week. Prior to the event kicking off, Antifa thugs showed up to counter protest. Predictably, scuffles broke out and arrests were made. The scuffling starts sometime before the ten-minute mark in the video.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Canadians Protest Against Marrakesh Pact

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Today, Act for Canada head Valerie Price spoke at a demonstration against the Marrakesh Pact (UN Global Migration) held in front of Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is signing the pact in Canada's name.

The US, thanks to President Trump, will not sign this insane pact, which would open the floodgates to unlimited migration and even criminalize criticism of migration.

Mindless Zombies Protest Marc Lamont Hill Firing in New York.

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and MEMRI TV

I can think of no better argument in support of Israel than to post the inane ramblings of the pro-Palestinian crowd. When CNN fired Marc Lamont Hill over his disgraceful UN speech attacking Israel and essentially calling for the destruction of the Jewish state, mindless zombies gathered in New York City to protest.

Of course, you don't have to travel to NY City to hear this nonsense. You can find it on most any college campus across the country.

Sofian Zakkout and His Enablers

Hat tip Creeping Sharia and Frontpage Magazine

Sofian Zakkout, the Florida-based head of American Muslim Association of North America, has often found his way onto the pages of Fousesquawk for his incendiary rhetoric-usually against Jews. On the occasion of the recent mass shooting in a Pittsburgh synagogue, Zakkout, like many other US Muslim leaders, made the obligatory condemnation of the act notwithstanding his own history of hateful comments.

I am cross-posting the below article by Frontpage Magazine/Creeping Sharia asking why so many "anti-crime" groups see fit to partner with this dubious character.

Out here in Southern California we have long had the same problem with so-called cops like disgraced (and convicted) former LA Sheriff Lee Baca and now-retired LAPD counter terrorism chief Michael Downing, both of whom regularly appeared with local Islamist leaders and insisted among other things that Islam was a religion of peace and that sharia law was perfectly compatible with our own US Constitution. The most classic example was in 2012 when both of them appeared at the Islamic Center of Orange County in a sharia town hall that was full of more disinformation than an Oliver Stone movie.

It's bad enough that we have people like Zakkout running around spreading their hate. It's especially outrageous when we have so many political, religious, and law enforcement leaders lending them credibility.

Pakistani Blasphemy Law Enforced-in Paris

Ali R claimed that Mr Dowling, who had taught English and international relations at the university for two decades, had insulted Islam.
-Daily Mail
John Dowling-the victim

On Wednesday, a Pakistani man, Ali R- aged 37, stabbed an Irish lecturer to death at Leonardo da Vinci University in Paris. There are two reasons given for the attack: The attacker had been failed by the victim, John Dowling, and Dowling had allegedly insulted the Prophet Mohammad.

And how timely this is. Just in recent days, we have posted the ongoing saga of Asia Bibi, who is trying to find a Western country to accept her before Pakistani mobs find her and tear her limb from limb for her supposed crime of insulting Mohammad. Also, we have the prime minister of Pakistan publicly saying that Jesus Christ never existed. In addition, Twitter has notified two users that  they have violated Pakistani laws (even though they live in Canada and Australia) by criticizing Saudi Arabia. Go figure.

Dutch Foreign Ministry Wants Jews to Oppose Israel

Hat tip JTA

At a time when Dutch opposition leader Geert Wilders is again facing a Dutch court over his opposition to Islamic immigration, a document has surfaced in which the Dutch foreign ministry wants Jews worldwide to oppose Israel.

It is just another example of how Western leaders are doing the bidding of the Islamic world.

Friday, December 7, 2018

The Never-Ending Prosecution of Geert Wilders in The Netherlands: His Closing Statement

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna

As incredible as it seems, the Netherlands is still dragging Geert Wilders into court over his opposition to Islamic immigration. Below is the video of his closing statement before the court.

If you don't know who Geert Wilders is, you need to find out. He is probably the most courageous person in Europe.

Pakistan's One Way Version of Defamation

Hat tip Clarion Project

Pakistan's prime minister, Imran Khan, has made a curious statement for the head of state of a country where criticizing Islam is a capital offense. He claims that Jesus Christ never existed.

Before one demands respect, they must give respect. Don't complain about intolerance if you yourself are guilty of intolerance. Unfortunately, this seems to be the attitude of most Muslim-majority countries towards other religions.

Swastika Appears at Cal State Northridge Campus

Shooting Threat, Swastika Graffiti Scrawled in CSUN Bathroom

It's becoming an all too frequent occurrence on our college campuses. Swastikas and anti-Jewish screeds are appearing  with increasing regularity. Historically, there have been many reasons for anti-semitism, but I think it's safe to say that the propaganda surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the greatest contributor in the present day. The latest example is this week at California Statue University at Northridge (CSUN). It was accompanied by a  shooting threat.

Of course, the school administration is saying all the right things in response, but for years, so many college leaders-including CSUN- have ignored the warning signs. CSUN reacted with sheer indifference when Jewish organizations complained about a math professor using university web servers to communicate his antipathy toward Israel. Should they be surprised when swastikas start appearing on campus?

Disgraceful Media Coverage of Bush Funeral

We should not be fooled by the respect that the media gave to President George HW Bush in covering his funeral. If you read between the lines, the constant comparison and contrasts  between Bush's gentlemanliness and willingness to reach across the aisle and compromise with the style of President Trump kept surfacing.

There were also times when you didn't have to read between the lines. ABC, for example, mused about how Trump would envision his own funeral.

Of course, the grand daddy of biased media, MSNBC, had to make a big deal of Trump's entry into National Cathedral and his greetings to the Obamas (but not the Clintons).

What this was all about was the media using any and all opportunities to bash Trump on the most inappropriate occasions. Not that they loved President George HW Bush all that much. Remember how they played up the "wimp factor" when he was running for election/re-election? They mocked his gentlemanly manner and used the word "wimp" to describe him. This, a man who was a fighter pilot in World War II and was shot down over the Pacific Ocean after completing a bombing run. He was fished out of the ocean after 4 hours by a submarine.

This man was no wimp. He was a war hero.

But why would the media spend so much time bashing Trump during its coverage of the Bush funeral. Can't they put it aside for a couple of days? President Bush and his family deserved much better. President Trump also deserved better.

Even if you don't like Trump, you have to worry about the state of our news media in this country.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

The FBI's FISA Warrant on Carter Page

"The email exchanges show the FBI was aware — before it secured the now-infamous warrant — that there were intelligence community concerns about the reliability of the main evidence used to support it: the Christopher Steele dossier."

Investigative journalist John Solomon has an explosive article in The Hill about the FBI FISA warrant obtained against former Trump campaign aide Carter Page. As is now well known, the FBI relied heavily on the so-called Steele Dossier, a report compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who was hired to dig up dirt on then candidate Trump. Much of the money for his work was paid by the DNC and the Clinton campaign. To this day, the report contains unverified  details about Trump including a report that while in Moscow, he paid Russian hookers to urinate on the bed of his Ritz Hotel suite because the Obamas had previously slept in it. It raises the question of how federal agents could use such shaky and unverified information in a FISA warrant.

It could be worse than that. According to Solomon's sources, Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA), the House Intelligence Committee chairman, has requested that President Trump de-classify emails between top FBI-DOJ officials that reveal their own doubts about the Steele dossier-even before they used it in their FISA application.

If true, that is serious. Here is Solomon's article in The Hill.

In my years as a Customs/DEA agent, I participated in my share of wiretaps (on drug cases). Our application affidavits went through the regular federal courts since FISA courts are for national security cases. I can tell you though that in both cases, the agent(s) making the affidavits have a  legal duty to ensure that the information they are swearing to is true to the best of their knowledge and belief. If information comes from a "reliable informant" (that is a legal term) whose name you don't want to divulge, that is one thing. But when you know yourself that the reliability of the information and the source are questionable, that is a major problem. You don't hand such an affidavit to a federal judge-FISA or otherwise- and swear to it unless you are confident about the content to the best of your belief. Does that mean if I get a search warrant based on "reliable" information that there are large amounts of drugs in a particular house, and subsequent search fails to find drugs, that I am in legal jeopardy? No. But if it can be shown that I willingly misled the judge and submitted a false affidavit, then I have a problem.

If it is true that FBI and DOJ agents rammed through a FISA warrant on Carter Page- and three subsequent renewal applications every three months- and there is a paper trail showing that they had doubts about the information and the source, these people are in serious legal jeopardy.

Marine LePen on the UN Pact on Migration

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Vlad Tepes

Next week, France's president, Emmanuele Macron, will attend the international meeting at Marrakesh, Morocco and sign the UN Pact on Migration in France's name.  Opposition leader Marine LePen held a press conference to educate the public as to what this pact involves. It is truly scary. Thank God President Trump will not commit the US to this insane pact.

I am no John Bircher, and I used to scoff when the John Birch Society first advocated getting the US out of the UN. No more. The UN has become a very scary organization, and sensible, free nations must start thinking of alternatives.