Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The LA Vehicle Attack: LA Times Stresses Mental Illness

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We have been reporting on the incident of last Friday night when a Somali man named Mohamed Abdi Mohamed, aka Mohamed Mohamed Abdi, was arrested and charged with trying to run down two orthodox Jews outside a synagogue in Los Angeles. Abdi was reportedly shouting anti-Jewish epithets and had a Koran on his dashboard.

Seattle man charged in possible hate crime outside L.A. synagogue suffered from schizophrenia, family says
-LA Times
"He's a good boy."

The LA Times, which seems to have been late in reporting on this story, has predictably come out with an article, in which the family of the suspect says he is mentally ill.

Mentally ill? Possibly, but it strikes me as strange how American and European media want to treat every Muslim who carries out a terrorist attack, hate crime or anti-semitic act is "mentally ill".  What is important to remember here is that Islam teaches hatred of Jews-not to mention Christians as well. There are passages in the Koran and the hadith that instruct Muslims to actually kill Jews and Christians. And so we see many Muslims killing Christians and Jews-not all Muslims, surely, but it is happening. It is also undeniable that in many mosques around the world-including in the West- certain imams in their sermons are calling for the deaths of Christians and Jews. The LA Times would prefer not to talk about that, however. It is much easier to dismiss every case of an attack by a Muslim upon non-Muslims as the act of a person who is mentally ill.

I don't buy it. If a KKK member of neo-Nazi attacks someone out of hate, we don't waste our time talking about mental illness. Why should we excuse the acts of violent Muslims who act out of religious hatred by simply saying he or she is mentally ill?

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