Thursday, July 5, 2018

Illegal Immigration: Things Get Ugly in SD and Crazy in Oakland

Hat tip Freedom Outpost, Atlas Shrugs and Investigative Watch Blog

The debate over illegal immigration is especially volatile in California. This week, a protest was held by the open borders crowd in front of the San Diego County administration building. It got violent when one of the protesters pushed an older counter protester to the ground and grabbed his sign. He and another female were quickly arrested by cops, but one wonders why the cops were not lined up between the protesters and the counter protester(s). I also wonder why the victim was put in handcuffs. It might have something to do with him getting up and trying to charge his assailant.

One final comment: Mexican flags and Pancho Villa t-shirts are not helpful in this kind of event.

You can see the video below.

Meanwhile, things were just crazy in Oakland yesterday as the Dept of Homeland Security, ICE and Oakland police were executing a raid and arresting a suspected child sex trafficker. While the action was still in progress, neighbors poured out in front of the house with ready made posters declaring, "No Person is illegal" and "We love our neighbors". Apparently, the cell phones and texts were very effective. The video can be seen below.

Let's face it: We have a lot of really dopey people in this country.

I am reminded of when I was a young Customs agent working in Southern California. One case took us to Oakland, where we arrested a guy in his home as he was receiving a van full of just smuggled marijuana. The suspect was the only white guy living in  a black neighborhood. While we were conducting surveillance, some neighbors would come up to us while we sat in our cars and asked if we were the police. We told them we were trying to find a suspected child molester, at which time they wished us good luck. Later, as we were taking the suspect out of his house, neighbors stood across the street cheering. We never bothered to ask them why they were cheering.

Times have changed.

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Squid said...

The Dems think that illegal aliens have the right to cross the US boarder without consequence. They tell the useful idiots that illegal aliens have rights to cross the US boarder. Illegal aliens do not have rights in the US. They are illegal, period. But, Soros type Open Boarders advocates fund and support this illegal activity. If you cross into Mexico, illegally, you go to jail for 2 years and pay fines. Mexico thrives with the transport of illegals from Central America. Illegals go through their Country and it is OK with the Mexican Government. Billions are spent on illegal immigrants each year, when homeless Vets and families are on the streets of LA and San Francisco, where the Politicians and promoters of Open Boarders live.

In addition, Shame on the Sheriff Deputies who arrest the victims of the pro-Open Boarder aggressors.

All of this must change.