Friday, July 6, 2018

Belgian Leniency

A Muslim guy who vandalized Jewish property and assaulted Jews earlier this year has been sentenced to 18 months in jail, of which he is expected to serve 10 months.

18 Months in jail for the vandalism who terrorized Jews in  Antwerp

"This postponement was linked to strict conditions, such as no longer committing criminal offenses, having a permanent address and intensive psychological counseling.
The defendant had to answer to the court for harassment, incitement to hatred and violence against a community and destruction of public monuments and private buildings.
Despite the fact that the defendant's lawyer had asked for acquittal for the aspect "incitement to hatred and violence against a community", the court followed the Forum lawyer and several other civil parties and did not grant this question of acquittal.
Master (prosecutor)  David Braun , the lawyer of the Forum, is obviously satisfied with this statement. "The verdict was not read out in full, but I can look into it tomorrow," Braun said to our question with what terms the judge condemned the actions against the Jewish community."

* Note: The "postponement" translation means that he will serve 10 months. That information comes from a separate article.

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