Sunday, February 11, 2018

Belgium: Another "Grateful" Refugee Goes on Anti-Jewish Rampage, Repeatedly Released

Hat tip Jihad Watch, JTA  and Joods Actueel

It never ceases to amaze me how many Muslim "refugees" have bitten the hand that feeds them. In this case, a man engages in continuous vandalism in Antwerp, Belgium destroying Jewish mezuzahs and  knocking the hat off a Jewish man on the street. Yet the judges repeatedly release him.

Joods Actueel has the most informative article along with security camera footage above. I have translated the article into English from Flemish/Dutch.

Jewish community bewildered by umpteenth release after anti-Semitism, "should there really be a knife drawn first"?

    The internal security service of the Jewish community, Shmira , a group of volunteers who keep an eye on things, are sitting with their hands in their hair and have proclaimed a high degree of preparedness. Reason is the umpteenth release of a 24-year-old man who has vandalized numerous Jewish houses, schools and synagogues and attacked people in recent weeks. "The police and the army are doing an excellent job, but the court keeps letting them go over and over again", we hear.
    The police confirm the facts and say that it is a 24-year-old recognized refugee. Sources say that he comes from the Middle East, but we could not confirm that. But it is certain that during one of his episodes he deposited a Quran and an Arab medal at the entrance of a synagogue.
    What worries the community especially is that the man always returns to the Jewish neighborhood immediately after his release. It started a few weeks ago with the placing of markings on doors of synagogues and schools with a sharp object (deeply incised scratches that can not just be removed ), then he proceeded to the heavy-handed removal of mezuzas , parchment tubes with Bible text on Jewish doors .
    Jew hatred
    "We are dealing with a man who has a visceral hatred for Jews", according to one of the volunteers of the guardians who have engaged with  the perpetrator several times. "The hatred in his eyes is something I have rarely seen," said the man. The suspect also talks about, "This is our country, Palestine!" And has voiced threats, "We will show you!"
    The man also always goes about his work audaciously. On Friday night pushed several people or knocked their hats on the ground, then he left a trail of destruction by the Charlottalei, Consciencestraat, Brialmontlei and Mercatorstraat where he tore least 20 Jewish mezuzah'store off the doors.
    He was arrested by the police and detained for 12 hours. On his release on Saturday, yesterday, the man immediately went back to the Jewish neighborhood. There the Jewish volunteer guard was on high alert and when they saw him coming they prevented him from making further damage.
    Despite the fact that the man recidivises and makes threats, the prosecutor does not consider it necessary to detain the man.
    "Doing nothing is not an option"
    Michael Freilich, editor-in-chief of Jewish News: "Since the man is not afraid of the authorities, has already made threats to the Jewish community and always operates audaciously, the question is what he will do tomorrow. Do we really have to wait until he pulls a knife at a school and stabs children? "
    "It is a disturbed or radicalized Muslim extremist who has been granted asylum here as a refugee, this man can / will clearly not integrate into our society. It is totally incomprehensible to us that in times of terror there are no adequate remedies to deal with such persons ".
    "Even if this man is mentally disturbed, then action must still be taken. How often do we hear - from Berlin to Australia - that attacks are not terrorism because the perpetrator was an unstable person? Do we really have to wait until the time comes "?
    "Kudos to the police who do everything to keep us safe and very quickly, but they too are probably watching with disgust when they have to let the suspect go for the umpteenth time".
    High preparedness
    Meanwhile, an identification of the person in question has been distributed and Jewish institutions are in high state of alertness. Children are asked not to wander around school doors for longer than necessary and adults have to look out for the suspect.

    I just don't understand this mindset. It takes a special kind of arrogance to go to someone else's country, have them give you shelter as a "refugee", and act this way. What does it take before the Europeans wake up to what is going on? Maybe they don't care that the victims are Jewish. But when the last Jew has left Europe, the Christians will be the next targets of these ungrateful "refugees".

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    Siarlys Jenkins said...

    We have problems with that in the US too. People who's insanity drives them to commit criminal acts should not be punished, because they know not what they do. But, they should be locked up in a secure facility for the criminally insane.