Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fresno State Controversy Continues

Middle East Studies Blames the Jews Again

Hat tip Algemeiner

Believe it or not there actually is a university located in Fresno, the town sportscaster Jim Rome calls "Fresneck". It's called Cal State Fresno for short or Fresno State, if you prefer even though Fresno is as much a  state as Palestine is a country. As you can imagine, it's just like all the other universities in California, a place where misfits and radicals hang out. They even have a Middle East Studies department (Israelis need not apply.)

Speaking of applying, there is a  big controversy brewing up there, which is probably front-page news in the city that never wakes. It all started when Fresneck U. decided to hire a professor-any professor- to something called the Edward Said Professorship, a fancy name for a dead professor who hated everything about the West and blamed all the dysfunctions of the Middle East on-you guessed it- the West. His book, Orientalism, is the Bible of Middle East studies.

Anyway, when after an exhaustive search Fresneck U. was unable to find a "suitable" hire. That's when the whiners kicked in and blamed it all on-you guessed it- the Jews.

To which the university says that's bunch of bolshoi.

It looks like Fresneck State won't be getting that Edward Said professorship after all.


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