Friday, June 9, 2017

CNN Boots Reza Aslan


Image result for reza aslan eating human brain
"And for dessert, Reza, you can have a piece of sh--."

It looks like CNN is doing some much needed housecleaning. After dumping Kathy Griffin for her obscene Trump severed head photo shoot, the network has now decided  Reza Aslan, after calling Trump a piece of sh-- and eating human brains on TV, was too much of a burden to bear. Accordingly, Aslan is now left with his UC Riverside teaching gig.

CNN has matched MSNBC in trashing Trump at the expense of any journalistic balance. Anybody looking for really objective reporting is now left with sports, where you can't fake the score.

As for Aslan, he will now devote full time to misrepresenting Islam and fighting those Islamophobic demons out there. He is a fraud. No network with him (and Griffin) can call themselves the "most trusted name in news".

Enjoy the drives to Riverside, Aslan.

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