Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Liberal Israeli Network Tries to Advance the SJP Agenda

Forward is a liberal Israeli news outlet. They have published an article on the week of events at UC Irvine last month, during which a presentation by Israeli military veterans was disrupted. The below article in Forward presents the pro-Palestinian narrative that negatively depicted the five reservists who were on the ground at UC Irvine in May to counter the anti-Israel propaganda being presented during the annual May anti-Israel program. In this article you can view a video put out by Palestine Legal. The video alleges  harassment on the part of the Israeli veterans as the Students for Justice in Palestine and the Muslim Student Union were holding their annual May week of events dedicated to delegitimizing the state of Israel.

You will note that none of the claims of harassment or improper behavior are corroborated by the film. If anything, the film proves that SJP and others disrupted the May 10 Reservists on Duty event hosted by Students Supporting Palestin (UCI). It simply leaves out the ugliest parts. I would also add that the Palestinian student from Gaza who lectures the reservists in that video got up and left the room as soon as the reservists responded to his remarks.

But all that has already been documented by Yours Truly.

I was present at the May 10 event. When the 30-40 SJP/MSU/American Indian Student Association students entered the room, I turned on my video camera knowing that a disruption was imminent. Here it is.

So now, removing my own video from the conversation, we have dueling videos because Reservists on Duty have released a video showing their side of the controversy.

Here is what I observed aside from the May 10 incident. The anti-Israel week of events lasts four days, Monday-Thursday. Aside from the May 10 (Wednesday evening ) event, I was present on campus for two of the four days including Day 4 (Thursday). What I observed was the five Israeli vets standing around the SJP/MSU mock apartheid wall talking to passers-by, passing out their own pamphlets, and holding their own posters. Thursday (Day 4) was the most heated. At times, the reservists stood a few feet away from the pro-Palestinian demonstrators as the latter were shouting their words and chants into bullhorn. They followed the protesters as they marched to the Administration Building and around Ring Road. I witnessed no assaults or threats by either side. To be accurate, I add that on two of the afternoon events, I was not present. In addition, I did not witness the march around Ring Road described above.

I also point out that early in the Palestinian-promoted video they show a young American man standing at the Palestinian table and engaged in a back and forth. This young man was present the previous evening at the May 10 disruption. He sat in the back of the room, said nothing, and took no action whatsoever. The following day, he engaged in debate with the pro-Palestinian side. He alleged that while he was at the Palestinian table, one young man said to him, "Go away white man." Of course, we have no corroboration of that through any of the video tapes. The young man stated to me personally that he was not a UCI student.

I have stated this before, but I  think it is worthwhile to describe the five reservists. Two were American-born females who had immigrated to Israel. The third was an American-born man who had immigrated to Israel, The fourth was a Lebanese-born gay Christian whose family were refugees to Israel from Lebanon. The fifth was a Bedouin Muslim. To be sure, they stood their ground against the provocations of the pro-Palestinian students. Yet, I personally observed no improper behavior on their part.

A final word on these five young Israeli veterans. If you go back to the video I took of the May 10 incident, I pointedly asked the protesters how many of them had  (like the Israeli veterans) served their county in uniform. The shouted answer was "Never", and that unleashed the disruption and chanting. Very telling, indeed.

Flint Terrorist: Amor Ftouhi

amor ftouhi
Amor Ftouhi (Facebook)

The man who attacked a Flint airport cop with a knife, stabbing him in the neck is identified as Amor Ftouhi, a 50-year-old Canadian citizen but native of Tunisia. He reportedly told arresting officers that he carried out the attack because Americans were "killing people in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and that (Americans) will all die".

We need to be concerned about some of the people running around up there in Canada. I am not talking about Canadians. I am talking about many of the Muslims they have let into their country, naturalized, and can now come into the US with Canadian passports.

Canada has a liberal prime minister in Justin Trudeau, who is pledged to bring in thousands more Syrian "refugees".

Unfortunately, these incidents will continue. Ftouhi is probably a lone wolf answering the call from ISIS to attack and kill people any way he could. I am hopeful that the charges will go beyond  a simple attack and that federal terrorism charges will be brought that will put this guy away for at least the next 30 years.

Palestinian Terrorist's Mom is Proud of Her Son

Hat tip World Israel News

Not only has Fatha claimed credit for the murder of an Israeli policewoman on Friday, but one of the killer's mothers, also under arrest, has expressed pride in the actions of her son.

This is as sick as it gets. Of course, this is not atypical when it comes to the Palestinians. This is how parents raise their children.

You can't make peace with this type of mentality. It has to be isolated behind the biggest wall humans are capable of constructing.

Jihad Comes to Flint, Michigan

Today, a police officer was stabbed in the neck at Flint airport in Michigan. The attacker reportedly yelled, "Allahu Akbar" before stabbing the officer. He is in custody and is reported to be from Quebec and holding a Canadian passport.


"Allahu Akbar". There's your motive.

Update: Suspect is also reported to be an Arabic speaker. This reminds me of Criminal Investigation 101.

Reservists on Duty at UC Irvine

Hat tip to Camera on Campus for sending me this video.

I have posted several articles and videos from Last month's anti-Israel week of events sponsored by the UC Irvine Muslim Student Union and Students for Justice in Palestine. As I write, SJP is still under investigation by the university for their May 10 disruption of an event held by Students Supporting Israel and featuring five Israeli Defense Forces veterans who are part of an organization called Reservists on Duty.

Here is a short video put out by Reservists on Duty showing how they stood up to the SJP and their allies. You will also note the use of  inflammatory language caught on tape from the SJP crowd.

At UC Berkeley-Another Dirks Scandal

Hat tip Daily Californian

Image result for nicholas dirks
Ridiculous Nicholas Dirks

Never let it be said that (still) out-going UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks is going out quietly. Now a new cloud hangs over Ridiculous Nicholas and the university. The campus paper, Daily Californian, has an article about Dirks' former house manager and some questionable income tax forms.

The entire University of California system under Janet Napolitano has been clouded in financial funny business for some time now. Tuition increases, in-state tuition for illegal alien students, $175 million in secret funds recently discovered, etc.

Napolitano needs to go.

More on the Brussels Train Station Bombing

Hat tip Gates of Vienna and Ava Lon

As previously reported, a Muslim guy set off a bomb in his suitcases at the Brussels train station yesterday screaming,  "Allahu Akhbar", before a soldier put him out of his misery. Below, you can hear the eyewitness testimony of an airport worker. The interview is in French, but our friend, Ava Lon, has supplied the sub-titles.

Unfortunately for the bumbling bomber, he didn't kill any infidels (not even an injury). Therefore, he fell somewhat short of earning those 72 virgins.

Consolation prize

Would You Call This Race Hatred?

Hat tip Daily Wire

We have yet another case of someone in academia bashing white people. This one is more than just laughable. It is egregious and ugly. A guy named Johnny Williams at Trinity University (Hartford, Connecticut) says that according to his theory of decoding intersectionality, white people are, ahem, a bunch of rectal orifices who should "f-ing die".

I can see from the quotes that Johnny has mastered the academic mumbo-jumbo, but as always, it makes no sense. For example, my spellchecker indicates to me that "intersectionality" is not a word. Umm. Let me try "heteronormativity".


Fatah Claims Credit for Murder of Israeli Policewoman

If the Democrats want an example of real collusion looks like, they might want to read this story.

Fatah is the party of Mahmoud Abbas, the man Israel is supposed to make a peace deal with. Not only Fatah has taken credit, but ISIS and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as well. I guess it must have been a task force operation one terrorist from each organization.

That certainly makes for a stronger case than any collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium

Image result for if it's tuesday this must be belgium

That was the title of some dopey movie back in the 70s. Coincidentally, on Tuesday,  Muslim guy yelled, "Allahu Akbar" and set off a small bomb at the Brussels train station. The soldiers quickly blew the guy away. Nobody else was hurt.

Monday it was Paris. I wonder where they'll strike Wednesday.

Another Nakba at UCLA

UCLA is the home of something called the Center for Near East Studies, which consists of a bunch of Israel-haters masquerading as academics. It features such luminaries as James (Dr. Doom) Gelvin and Gabriel (Huggy Boy) Piterberg. Gabe is a well-known figure around campus since there are alerts for all co-eds to steer clear of the "Kissing professor". But I digress.

                                                                                  Gelvin (in foreground)

In April, CNES held yet another conference dedicated to bashing Israel. My friend and colleague, Eric Golub, attended and wrote a report for Algemeiner and Campus Watch. The conference made history for coining a new term to describe the Arab inability to beat Israel at war. Instead of Nakba (catastrophe), it is Naksa (setback). That is to describe what happened when the Arab world initiated a war with Israel in 1967 (with nakbarian consequences for them).
Image result for gabriel piterberg'
     Piterberg: The warm afterglow

Here is Eric's report.

                                                                          "Good news, mein Fuehrer. It's only a setback."

(I wonder what they'll call the 1973 failure to defeat Israel.)

Honestly, don't these people get tired putting on these same old conferences about Israel? It must be to justify their existence. The Center  for Near East Studies is a true nakba for UCLA. This conference was obviously just the latest, er, naksa.

June Chu Out as Yale Dean

June Chu, the Yale University dean of residential Pierson College who got caught making a series of comments trashing white people on social media, has been placed "on leave" by the university.

When the story first hit in May, I wrote this about it. I have not changed my opinion.

Of course, I don't know the difference between being suspended and placed on leave, but if Yale is appointing a new dean, that means she is gone from the position.

At SFSU, Here Come the Lawyers

Below is an article by me that was published today in the Times of Israel Blogs.It concerns the lawsuit filed against San Francisco State University by the Lawfare Project on behalf of Jewish students.

Cold Warrior Maxine Waters "Brushes off" Reporter

Image result for maxine waters with eyes closed
"Stay woke."

A couple of weeks ago, our favorite Cold Warrior, Maxine Waters, got testy with a reporter named Michael Tracey who pressed her on why she is so upset about the Russians. Then, when the reporter brought up President Obama's cooperation with the Russkies, Maxine brushed his arm away and stormed off calling him an Obama-hater..

Too bad old Joe McCarthy didn't have Maxine on his side when he was rooting out all those commies.

Monday, June 19, 2017

SFSU Faces Lawsuit Over Campus Anti-Semitism

This is great news. A lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Jewish students against San Francisco State University.

This is the template of what needs to be done across the nation. Enough is enough. Too many universities have coddled pro-Palestinian students who have engaged in a campaign of intimidation and harassment against Jewish students in the name of promoting the Palestinian cause. San Francisico State University is arguably the worst university in the nation in that the president, Les Wong, has actively voiced his support for the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS)  in spite of their history of expressing support for the murder of Israelis.

Other universities should be put on notice. If you don't confront the anti-semitism on your campus and deal effectively with incidents of disruption by groups like GUPS, Students for Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Association chapters, you will face a lawsuit. That will result not only in financial loss, but the loss of  Jewish students and your national reputation.

I fully support this action. It is time for Jewish students to stand up and speak out. It cannot be done without you.

Another Terror Attack in Paris

(Lest it be overlooked)

Another, albeit small, terrorist attack took place today on the Champs L'Eysees in Paris. A 31-year-old man known to police as a "radical" crashed his car into a police van, whereupon it exploded and El Bad Guy burned to death. No cops or by-standers were hurt.

"Collomb said said (sic) he will present a bill on Wednesday at a Cabinet meeting to extend the state of emergency from July 15, its current expiration date, until Nov. 1. He added that Monday's incident showed that a new security law "is needed" in France and the measure would "maintain a high security level" beyond the end of the state of emergency."

How about rounding up these known extremists and sending them to Devil's Island?

Absurd Speech by the Mayor of Cologne

Hat tip Vlad Tepes and Ava Lon

A (Turkish) new mega mosque has opened in Cologne, and sure enough, the mayor of Cologne, Henriete Reker, Germany's version of Nancy Pelosi, was there to give an incomprehensible speech with some astounding assertions. Lost in the prattle was the fact that this was the city that saw the 2016 New Years grope fest outside the train station and next to the iconic Dom cathedral, a scene so out of control that the police could not break through the rioters to save their women from hundreds of sexual assaults.

And most astounding of all, the mayor said "Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of dissent."


Image result for hitler rant scene in downfall

"Where do I go to get my reputation back?"

Finsbury Park Mosque Attack in London

The Finsbury Park Mosque in London has been linked to radicalism for several years. Last night as worshipers emerged from the mosque, a van drove through several of them, killing one and injuring several others. A man reportedly got out of the van and began stabbing people before he was subdued by police. He reportedly screamed, "I'm going to kill all Muslims."

This is unfortunate and must be condemned. It is not the way to combat terrorism.

Update: Fox News (Shepherd Smith) reported today that since 2003, Finsbury Park Mosque has done much to reverse its radical reputation.

Al Quds Day in London: Hizbollah Flags Fly and the Apartment Fire Blamed on "Zionists"

Hat tip Algemeiner

Al Quds is the Arabic word for Jerusalem. Al Quds Day celebrations are dedicated to the proposition that Jerusalem belongs to Muslims based on a fable that the Prophet Mohammad flew on a winged horse to "the farthest mosque" (Jerusalem), from where he ascended to heaven for a cup of tea with the previous prophets. Accordingly, these celebrations are typically marked by wild ideas and plenty of hate towards Israel. Such was the case Sunday in London. Now they are even blaming this past week's horrific apartment house fire on-you guessed it- the Zionists.

The only thing missing from this extravaganza was Maxine Waters telling the mobs to "Stay woke". Of course, Maxine would have probably taken the wrong plane and wound up in Korea.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

In the Australian Defense Forces, It's all About Diversity

It seem the US Government (at least under President Obama) is not the only one that hires questionable Muslim figures  to sensitive government posts (e.g. Mohamed Elibiary to DHS). Now there is a controversy in Australia where the military gave an advisory role to an imam accused of making controversial statements as well as supporting the supremacist organization Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

In the above video, Senator Cory Bernardi questions the defense minister Marise Payne as to how she can support the appointment of Sheikh  Mohamadu Nawaz Saleem. Her answer?


Image result for hitler rant scene in downfall
"If only we had had more diversity."

Saturday, June 17, 2017

CAIR (LA) Advocacy Manager Speaks in Irvine

Today I attended a presentation on Islamophobia by Masih Fouladi, CAIR (Los Angeles) advocacy manager. The speech was held at the Irvine Ranch Water District Community Room and was sponsored by Americans United for Separation of Church and State. (Oh, the irony.) The scheduled speaker had been CAIR Southern California director Hussam Ayloush, but he had another engagement. The speech was entitled, "Fighting Islamophobia in 2017". There were about 30 people in the room almost all older members of the AUSCS. It was a mostly progressive audience. Fouladi stated that he had no objections to my videotaping, so the presentation and q and a is on tape (below).

Fouladi spoke for about 15 minutes on activities that CAIR is involved in since the new administration took office. His tone was that there was much concern over the Trump administration due to issues like the travel ban. He described how CAIR tries to join with other minority groups. He then took questions from the audience. Though Fouladi had a sympathetic audience, he did get a couple of critical questions from some including myself. I asked him for his definition of Islamophobia (hate, fear, irrational fear, etc) and whether he would consider religious minorities in the Muslim world (Christians, Yazidis, Baha'i) who are being persecuted as Islamophobes. I thought his response to the latter part was wandering and evasive.

He was asked by one woman to address the problem of anti-semitism at UC Irvine. Here again, he was evasive and tried to steer the issue to Muslims being harassed. (He is a UCI grad himself.) . His questioner had mentioned the 2010 Michael Oren (Israeli ambassador) disruption at UCI, and Fouladi mischaracterized it by referring to "a couple" of students who had spoken out ("exercising their free speech rights"). He characterized the subsequent trial as an injustice. He said nothing about the free speech rights of Ambassador Oren. He also stated that the (UCI) administration had given more support to the Jewish students as opposed to the Muslim students (false).

I followed up with that be telling the audience that I was a former UCI teacher, had attended so many of the events in question  and that there had been a lot of rhetoric that crossed the line from criticism of Israel to anti-Jewish rhetoric. As examples I mentioned Mohamed al Asi and Amir Abdel Malik Ali. Fouladi resorted back to his tap dance insisting that CAIR would not tolerate anti-semitic speech. One thing he repeated several times was that Muslims cannot be expected to respond every time a Muslim says or does something objectionable. A lady sitting in front of me turned and thanked me for the question.

As usual, Fouladi threw out that verse from the Koran (5:32) that says killing one person is as if killing the world. The full verse is never used because it reveals that it was directed to the Jews. The following verse (5:33) gives the instances when killing someone (in Islam) is perfectly justified. Gates of Vienna has a good piece on Sura 5 verses 32 and 33 of the Koran.

I also found it interesting that this particular organization would sponsor this particular event. Were they not aware that Islamic doctrine believes there should not be a wall between religion and the state? Were they not aware of Islam as a political ideology? Or are they too concerned with keeping "wacko Christians" under control (to use a term one of the audience members used)? I could have asked questions all afternoon, but I was glad to get two swipes at the apple as it was. All in all, Fouladi gave his audience a lot of mis-information.

At any rate, the full event is available on video below. It lasts about an hour.

I only wish Ayloush had been there.

DOJ Must Stop Fighting Communities re: New Mosques

Karen Lugo has an article in American Greatness on how the Justice Department has been putting pressure on communities not to fight the construction of new mosques in their neighborhoods no matter what the problems resulting in terms of traffic and late night noise.

As the article states, hopefully, under Trump, this policy will change.

Refugee Problems in Canada

Canada is laying out the welcome mat for Syrian refugees under new prime minster, Justin Trudeau. In Hamilton, neighbors did the same when Syrian refugees arrived in their neighborhood. It didn't work out so well as Rebel Media reports.

Sofian Zakkout's Latest Anti-Semitic Blast

Hat tip Frontpage Magazine

Sofian Zakkout, who is based in South Florida, has darkened the pages of Fousesquawk on previous occasions. Now he has posted an anti-semitic  video out of Morocco. Frontpage Magazine has a report by Joe Kaufman on Zakkout's latest outrage.

This guy is starting to remind me of Julius Streicher, who was a virtually library of Jew-hating screeds. Maybe Zakkout should start his own newspaper. How do you say, "Der Stuermer" in Arabic?

Friday, June 16, 2017

My Letter to UCI Chancellor Re: SJP

In the wake of the latest disruption of a pro-Israel event by Students for Justice in Palestine, 
I have added my own letter to UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman as his staff investigates the 
incident. In this letter, I call for Chancellor Gillman to effectively implement the UC Regents' 
Statement of Principles on Intolerance and kick SJP off of campus. 

Dear Chancellor Gillman,
My name is Gary Fouse. I have written to you previously as a part-time teacher
in the UCI Extension. Today I write to you strictly as a member of the
community. I taught part-time at UCI from 1998-2016. Since 2007, I have been
active observing and reporting on the activities of the Muslim Student Union and
Students for Justice in Palestine. I have long complained about anti-semitism on
the UCI campus, a problem that has been brought to the UCI campus,in my view,
by these two organizations.
I recall in 2010 when Students for Justice in Palestine's UCI chapter was formed
when the MSU was suspended following the Oren disruption. (I was present at that
event.) Since then I have twice observed SJP disrupt the annual I-Fest. I have
written to the university and complained not only about the disruptions, but the
fact that the students marched out of the Cross Cultural Center and back into
the CCC after their demonstration.
I also complained last year when SJP and others disrupted a pro-Israel event on
May 18, yet another black eye for the university, which has suffered too many
black eyes courtesy of the pro-Palestinian movement on campus. Once again, SJP
used the CCC as a staging area. On that occasion, it was revealed that "legal
observers" from the National Lawyers Guild attached to the UCI law school
participated in that disruption.
On May 10, I was present when SJP and others disrupted yet another pro-Israel
event. I videotaped it and provided that videotape to Asst Vice Chancellor 
Edgar Dormitorio, who was also present. Clips of it have been used by
organizations who have recently written to you to express their outrage at
this latest incident.
In addition, I spoke at two UC Regents working groups-at UCI and UCLA- in 2015
and 2016 when they were revising the UC Regents’ Statement of Principles Against
Intolerance, one that specifically addressed campus anti-semitism. In March 2016
that statement was passed. You subsequently pledged to take steps to implement
that policy. It is time to enforce that policy.
Students for Justice in Palestine is not just a UCI problem or a UC problem. It
is a national problem. In 2014 a document surfaced out of their SUNY Binghamton
chapter that explicitly listed disruption as one of their tactics. On campus
after campus including UCI, SJP has put that tactic into practice.
After last year's warning letter following the May 18 incident, SJP was put on
notice. They have now once again shown that they are unwilling to engage in
civil discourse. They have shown once again that they will not respect the free
speech rights of others. If the Statement of Principles is to have any meaning,
it is time to remove this organization from the UCI campus once and for all.
Otherwise, the Statement of Principles is nothing more than a scrap of paper.
Gary  Fouse

Robert Mueller Was a Bad Choice for Special Prosecutor

Hat tip Daily Wire

This article first appeared in New English Review.

Image result for robert mueller and james comey

Now that it has been reported that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has widened his investigation to include possible obstruction of justice against President Trump over his firing of James Comey, it is time to question Mueller's appointment in the first place.  Even a novice could see that Mueller has a conflict of interest.

Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Now rumors are swirling that Trump is considering firing Mueller. That would surely unleash memories of Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre when he demanded that Attorney General Elliot Richardson fire Archibald Cox because Cox was demanding White House tapes. Richardson and his deputy, William Ruckelshaus, both refused and resigned before Robert Bork, then solicitor general, stepped in and fired Cox.

Unlike Cox, however, Mueller has a major problem that should have foreclosed his appointment in the first place. He is a close friend of Comey, who is a central figure in the whole mess. Mueller was Comey's predecessor as FBI director, and their relationship creates the conflict. It is Comey who is at the center of claims that Trump tried to get Michael Flynn off  the hook as well as put the Russian investigation to rest. Comey's own actions after the now infamous dinner with Trump put his own credibility into question. Why did he not go directly to the attorney general if he felt Trump was improperly trying to pressure him? His explanation that Jeff Sessions was about to recuse himself seems weak at best. Why did Comey turn over a copy of his notes about the Trump meeting to a Columbia University friend who turned them over to the New York Times? Comey has testified because he wanted to get a special prosecutor named-who turned out to be his friend, Mueller. Finally, did Comey's turning over of his notes-legally government property-constitute a violation of law. If Mueller is going to widen his investigation beyond the question of Trump campaign collusion with the Russians, doesn't he have to investigate Comey's actions as well?

In addition, Mueller hasn't helped his cause by appointing Democrat figures to his team most notably a woman, Jeannie Rhee, who worked for two years in Eric Holder's Justice Department, but more significantly, was employed at the Clinton Foundation defending the foundation from a lawsuit to release information about its questionable dealings.

If Trump or his underlings broke the law I have no problem with an investigation being conducted, and it should be independent. However, the relationship between Mueller and Comey as well as the presence of Rhee and possibly others on Mueller's team smacks of conflict of interest. Mueller should have recognized his conflict when he was offered the job. He should recognize it now and resign.