Saturday, May 6, 2017

UC Irvine to Open Marijuana Research Center

 UC Irvine is announcing that they will open a marijuana research center. Former state senator Joe Dunn, now a UCI law professor, made the announcement. Also interviewed is UCI anatomy and neurobiology professor Daniele Piomelli. There a couple of points I find interesting.

First of all, Dr Piomelli mentions the relationship of marijuana to the environment to criminal justice to culture as areas of study. Does that also include health and the effects of marijuana on the body and the brain? I guess since the medical department is involved, Dr Piomelli possibly forgot to list that as well. I would hope it does.

Secondly, if Erwin Chemerinsky and his liberal-activist law department is involved, I find it hard to believe that they will not advocate in some way, like, for example, legalization of marijuana at some point. This op-ed by Chemerinsky gives a hint as to his leanings on the issue.

The effects of marijuana on the body and brain have been studied for years, most prominently by the University of Mississippi at Oxford. The more we have learned about marijuana, the more we know that it does have harmful health effects.

I can't wait for the first statement to come pout of this center advocating that marijuana be legalized, decriminalized or what have you.

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