Monday, April 10, 2017

Marine LePen on Muslim Street Prayers

Hat tip Vlad Tepes

Marine LePen of the Front National is running for president of France. Here she speaks out on the Muslim practice of holding street prayers on the streets of Paris.

While not being an expert on French law, I agree with LePen that this is an obvious violation of France's strict law on secularism. In addition, when groups take over public space in that manner, they are sending a message of conquest.

Marine LePen is the only candidate who can put a stop to the madness in France. I may not agree with her on everything, and I sure don't agree with her father on a lot of things, but I hope Marine is elected.


Anonymous said...

Funny that this is what you choose to post about LePen instead of her denying France's complicity in the Holocaust and being condemned by Israel.

The FN was built on anti-Semitism, which was conveniently, and only very recently, swept under the rug. Funny how eager you are to forget that.

Gary Fouse said...


That's a fair point, and I did see the article on LePen's statement which you quote. I completely disagree with LePen on that point. The Vichy government and French police were indeed complicit in helping the Germans deport French Jews to their deaths.

I realize that the Front National has anti-semitism in its past, but Marine and her father have distanced themselves from each other. I will continue to watch FN for signs of anti-semitism.

The reason I support LePen's candidacy is because she is the only one I see who will defend her country from Islamization. What other candidates or parties have done anything to stand up for French Jews against the onslaught of persecution coming from Muslim immigrants? Certainly not the current government.