Sunday, April 16, 2017

Berkeley Being Berkeley

Just another day in Berkeley as pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators faced off and traded blows Saturday.

You can pick your labels depending on your point of view. Antifa, anarchists, anti-Trump vs alt-right, pro-Trump, free speech, patriots. Whatever. Let's be honest: It was a mess all around.

I'm not ready to assign blame to either side in this, but the video in the above link is instructive. We can safely assume that all those people in black with their faces covered are anti-Trump forces. Draw your own conclusions. When you dress like that, you are obviously looking for trouble.  That said, there were hotheads on both sides. has several videos.

To be accurate, Berkeley draws troublemakers not only from within the community and the university but from outside as well. In this case I think it's fair to say that people on both sides came spoiling for trouble.

The whole thing was a disgrace.

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