Thursday, March 16, 2017

What It's Like to Be A College Republican at UC Berkeley

Hat tip The College Fix

The College Fix brings us up to date on the daily abuse handed out to members of the UC Berkeley College Republicans. Seems like it's a never-ending story.

The good news is that many CR chapters across the nation are stirring from years of slumber. The chapters at UCB and UC Irvine, especially are showing the big boys in Congress how to be courageous conservatives. Folks like Mitch McConnell could learn a lesson.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I had a friend in high school who was an active Young Republican. He also belonged to Young Americans for Freedom. I joined in anti-war protests, he sold bumper stickers with slogans such as "Register Communists, Not Guns." We stopped by each other's public presentations and chatted about each other's shortcomings and misconceptions. We faced off in formal debate competitions. (He was a better forensics competitor than I was). He later became a criminal defense attorney. I asked how he squared that with his life long principles, and he replied "I believe in a strong defense, whether of the USA or my clients."

Gary Fouse said...

The College Republicans that I have seen in the past couple of years are the future of the party. The dopes in Washington could take a lesson from them.