Friday, March 3, 2017

Tamara Sonn: Another All Star at the Talal Center at Georgetown University

"How can an ancient, global religion be an enemy of a modern geopolitical construct?” 


Georgetown University has been on quite a roll lately. Now I know why they filmed The Exorcist there. Just days ago, the speaking appearance of Muslim apostate Nonie Darwish was met with hostility. How dare this woman walk away from Islam and criticize the faith that had taught her to hate Christians and Jews? Last week, the GU campus paper ran an editorial saying that GU grad, Steve Bannon, perverted "Hoya values" (whatever they are).

Georgetown University is home to a house of horrors called the Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Islamic Christian Understanding, a nice enough name, but highly misleading. That entity is home to two Georgetown professors named John Esposito, one of the nation's foremost Islamic apologists, and Jonathan Brown, a Muslim convert who recently tried to justify Islamic slavery and rape before an audience in Herndon, Virginia.

Now we introduce another GU professor, Tamara Sonn, who on February 22, spoke at the Talal Center and said some highly questionable things. Jihad Watch has the report.

To hear Professor Sonn tell it, Islam must be some kind of Sunnybrook Farm under relentless attack from the evil, West. Of course there is nothing new to this argument; it is the basic Islamic "construct" to use an academic expression.

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