Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nonie Darwish Gets Rude Reception at Georgetown University

Hat tip Campus Reform

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Nonie Darwish, an Egyptian born American apostate from Islam, gave a speech at Georgetown University Tuesday. Campus Reform reports on the opposition to her appearance.

How ironic that Nonie appeared in the wake of Georgetown professor Jonathan Brown's comments saying that (Islamic) rape and slavery were acceptable in polite society. ( I am paraphrasing.) In spite of that, the little rascals at Georgetown  (some of them) think that talking about such problems with Islam is "hate speech".

The Campus Reform quoted Georgetown students as saying that criticizing Sharia law is hate speech. How can criticizing a law that mandates death to apostates, gays, adulterers and blasphemers be hate speech? Maybe Professor Brown can explain it to me. While he is doing that he can explain how slavery and rape can be acceptable.

I have added a couple of comments to the op-ed in the Georgetown Voice. Whether they will post them is unknown.


ChrisLA said...

Nonie has a new book out, "Wholly Different -- Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values." The book is logical, not churchy. She writes, "Islamic values are fundamentally incompatible with Western values, the U.S. Constitution, and the American way of life. What the Muslim world lacks are stable governments, respect for human and women's rights, equal gender and religious rights under the law, stability, and a good foundation of laws upon which citizens can built their lives and thrive."

Gary Fouse said...

And sharia law mandates death for things that are not even crimes in our country.