Thursday, February 16, 2017

Trump Press Conference

Here is the video of President Trump's press conference today. Much of it is devoted to his bashing of the media for their dishonesty. The reaction to this fascinating press conference splits along conservative-liberal lines. Many on the right say that Trump manhandled the media today. CNN is hysterical in their denunciations. In the Situation Room, the ever-hapless Wolf Blitzer has a real situation on his hands. At Fox, Shepard Smith (who is not very conservative but generally reports things in a straight manner), was claiming that Trump continually lies (i.e. the biggest electoral victory since Reagan and the Russian issue).

I won't be so bold as to try and verify every statement Trump makes, but his criticisms of the press are justified. CNN has lost any pretense of objectivity when it comes to Trump. I would guess that if he is being fast and loose with facts, it will catch up to him some day, or his supporters will merely shrug them off like they did Bill Clinton's whoppers and dalliances; in other words, he will be the lovable rogue.

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