Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Flynn Resignation

This article was first posted in Eagle Rising.

I am sad to see  Michael Flynn  having to submit his resignation after it was revealed that he had, indeed, discussed the issue of our sanctions against Russia with Russian diplomats. He had told Vice President Pence that sanctions were never discussed. Then the Washington Post revealed that our intelligence agencies had monitored the conversations. This was obviously leaked to the Post via intelligence officials. To me, Flynn is a patriotic American who made an error in judgment and failed to fess up to it when asked by Pence. He hurt Pence's credibility in the process. I agree that resignation was the proper course of action.

Of course, the media, the Democrats and the left, all new-born  Cold Warriors,  are outraged. Most hysterical was Keith Olbermann, broadcasting from the basement of his house demanding the immediate indictment and arrest of Flynn and a grand jury investigation of Trump himself. The left was already in a tither over allegations that Putin and the Russians had swayed the election to Trump. Now this, Since when did they start hating the Russians?

Then there is Maxine Waters telling MSNBC's Joy Reid about Trump's connections to Russia and Ukraine and how nobody takes WH spokesman Sean Spicer seriously. Really, Maxine? This is the same woman who told reporters days ago that Trump has supplied bombs to kill children in Aleppo and that Putin had gone into Korea. After that disaster, she was spoofed by two Russian phone prankster's posing as the president of Ukraine telling a gullible Waters that the Russians had invaded the non-existent Ukrainian province of Limpopo-a name that comes from Russian children books.. And this woman wants to talk about Saturday Night Live caricatures?

And where is the concern over our intelligence officials leaking their own intercepts to the media? That's highly sensitive information. Technically-speaking, they have divulged sensitive information to the Russians-that they have had their conversations monitored though they have certainly known that for about 75 years.

There are a lot of kinks to be ironed out in the Trump administration. Those of us who voted for him need to understand that the left is coming at him with everything they have. If we support his policies-and I do- we need to stand behind him.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Those of you who voted for Trump need to understand that he is utterly incompetent, emotionally volatile, a complete narcissist with no grasp on reality. I could say a lot of bad things about Hillary Clinton too, but she's not in the White House. Hopefully she has learned her lesson and will not delude herself that someday, somehow, she really is meant to be President. But we have to deal with the bull in the china shop.

squid said...

Yah Siarlys,

The Stock market has had serial record highs numerous days, the Dollar remains strong (Soros lost a billion by betting against it), Major companies are staying in America and hiring thousands of American workers, Coal miners will have jobs once again, the corrupt State Department has been drained and it happened in less that a month.
Yah, utterly incompetent my ass.


Gary Fouse said...


In case you haven't noticed, Trump is moving at warp speed.