Saturday, February 4, 2017

Paris Machete Attacker Identified: Egyptian Tourist

"Boy, that was a close call."

The man who was shot by French soldiers outside the Louvre Friday while wielding  a machete and yelling Allahu Akhbar has been identified. He is an Egyptian who arrived in France via Dubai on a tourist visa.

Of course, the actions of one man does not condemn every tourist who arrived in France nor every Muslim in France, but is this not what President Trump is trying to stop? This is not a once- in- a- hundred year occurrence. France in particular is being wracked by terrorist attacks.

Perhaps instead of bashing Trump for his travel ban, European leaders like France's President Hollande should follow suit.

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ChrisLA said...

France has a national security alert system called "Vigipirate." The acronym stands for "vigilance and protection of installations against the risk of terrorist attempts." Some 10,000 armed troops are deployed throughout the country to protect synagogues, churches, government offices, and tourist attractions. The threat levels are color-coded with red and scarlet being the most severe threat levels. The threat level has been either red or scarlet CONTINUOUSLY since the July 7, 2005, bombings in London. So, for half a generation, French citizens have lived in a situation of "high chance of serious attack" or worse. c'est la vie!