Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UC Berkeley Chancellor Gets Letter Regarding Student-Taught Anti-Israel Course

Hat tip AMCHA Initiative

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"Oh no! More mail for Dirks?"

Nicholas Dirks is the soon-to-be ex-chancellor of UC Berkeley, a zoo of an institution he has proved incapable of running. Recently, I wrote of the recent revelations that have led to his forced ouster. Hopefully, he has enough time left at UCB to read this recent letter from 43 organizations complaining about a student-taught course at UCB dedicated to bashing Israel. Apparently, Dirks never bothered to read the recent UC Regents' policy on course content.

The UC Regents' policy mentioned above basically states that a classroom is not the place for professors (or student instructors) to shove their personal beliefs down the throats of students, a policy that continues to be violated on virtually every UC campus with the possible exception of UC San Francisco, which is a medical school. It would be nice if UC's incompetent president, Janet Napolitano, would hold her chancellors' collective feet to the fir on this issue, but she won't.

So here we have a student teaching a biased course at what is supposed to be one of the most prestigious universities in the land, sponsored by Islamist professor and Israel hater Hatem B azian in full violation of an unenforced UC policy while Nicholas Dirks fiddles and packs his bags, prepared to flee in his tax-payer built escape tunnel. (You think I'm kidding?)

It is truly time to bring in the lawyers.

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