Monday, September 19, 2016

Deportation Orders Become Naturalization

How inept is our Department of Homeland Security under Barack Obama? It can't be any worse 
than this. Over 850 persons who had been ordered deported instead were naturalized and 
granted citizenship because of a fingerprint snafu.

Here are the sad details.

So given the most recent attacks carried out by Muslim immigrants in our country, do you feel safe hearing about this? I sure don't.

It is time to get rid of this entire bunch of incompetents (at the ballot box) who are plainly not dedicated to doing their job  I don't blame the agents on the street, mind you. I am sure their morale is shot. (I have talked to some of them.) The problem is the leadership at the top-Obama and the hacks he has placed in charge of running our security agencies. It started with Janet Napolitano and now we have the clueless Jeh Johnson making inane public statements while his department continues to drop the ball. This latest story is flat out unforgivable.

Keep in mind that Hillary Clinton was part of this administration for four years. She was an inept secretary of state who contributed to the mess we are facing now in the Middle East and with terrorists here at home. While Obama has brought in 10,000 Syrian refugees, who cannot be adequately vetted, Mrs Clinton would increase that number to 65,000.

So if you want to see these disasters continue, Hillary is your gal.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Any department of government has snafus like this, no matter who is president.

The key factor in this one, as you would know if you read daily news articles instead of relying on dubious bloggers with an ax to grind, is that a lot of older documents simply haven't been scanned into digital systems that can rapidly compare fingerprints. To complete that job requires money, hiring personnel... and conservatives are trying to shrink government until its small enough to drown in a bathtub.

Squid said...

Unfortunately, the great unknowing does not have a clue what is happening with our inept Obama administration. Almost everything related to the Middle East is wrong as well are our so called security agencies. Total incompetence in the DHS.
And, Obama and Hillary call Trump out for not having experience for the job of POTUS.