Thursday, September 15, 2016

City University of New York Whitewashes Anti-Semitism on Campus

"Death to Jews" and "Jews Out of CUNY" is protected speech

Hat tip Shirley L.

The Zionist Organization of America is reacting angrily to the results of an investigation into anti-Semitism at the City University of New York. Apparently, cries of "Death to Jews" and "Jews out of CUNY" is considered protected speech and worthy of no disciplinary action.

There can be little question that cries of "Death to blacks" and "Blacks out of CUNY" would be met with strong disciplinary action not to mention campus-wide protests probably led by every last university official. I would be in total support of that. Yet let the usual suspects from Students for Justice in Palestine go after Jewish students, not only with chants, but verbal and physical intimidation as well, and it's all protected speech.

CUNY Chancellor James Milliken: Working to “assess the climate on our campuses.” Courtesy of CUNY

And of course, we get nothing but a pusillanimous reaction from the over-rated Anti-Defamation League, which rarely acknowledges Jew hatred by Arab/Muslim students.

ADL Retweeted

(Hat tip Shirley L.)

There are only three things that will get the attention of the universities that allow this kind of outrage: No more donations, no more Jewish students, and plenty of lawsuits.

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