Monday, August 8, 2016

Hillary! Is That You??

Hat tip The American Mirror and Miggie

"Right this way, Grannie. Welcome to the Happy Little White House Retirement Home."

Kyle Olson of The American Mirror is posting two photos of what appears to be Hillary Clinton having to be helped up the front porch stairs of a home.

Also appearing in the pics (or appearing to appear) is the ubiquitous Huma Abedin, also shown  from the rear. In case you don't know, this Muslim Brotherhood operative is the presumptive first lady if Hillary manages to stumble across the finish line in November.

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Squid said...

On the surface, this photo of Hillary who needs help up the stairs can be submarined by the Media, as just a slip. But, after searching the web for more information on Hillary's health, Youtube videos have been posted (some removed by Youtube). It appears that Hillary speaks, she momentarily disconnects from the present, like a blank spot on an audio tape and then starts up on a different topic. This is a neurological problem for her. Two Fox news medical experts have stated that she may have a serious neurological problem and they wanted to see the neurological reports on her condition.
Stress, anxiety, fatigue, nutrition and medication can effect her problem. The pressure of campaigning, email revelations from Wikileaks, lawsuits, the Clinton Foundation investigation and Trump's more aggressive campaign revealing her transgressions can effect the medical condition.
Hillary needs to keep her Valium injection pen handy.