Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Obama's Speech Tonight

I listened to President Obama's speech tonight at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia. He knew he was supposed to come up with a stem winder and he didn't disappoint (the people in the hall). It was part elect Hillary, part Obama talking about his grandparents from Kansas and himself, and part America the Great, a bunch of empty rhetoric from a man who has done his best to fulfill his 2008 promise of transforming America. Anyone who wants to transform America doesn't think it's such a great country.

Obama is a great speaker, no question. But as I often say, show me a great speaker, and I will show you a great speaker. Adolf Hitler was a great speaker. He was also evil.

No, I am not comparing Obama's character to Hitler's. Nor would I compare Obama's character to that of Josef Goebbels, who was an even better speaker than Hitler. While Hitler spoke in his guttural  south German accent, Goebbels, who had a PhD, eloquently spoke  in educated German. He also had a great voice, what we often call "broadcaster's voice". One of Goebbel's greatest speeches was his Totalen Krieg (Total war) speech at the Berlin Sport Palace in February 1943 when Germany's war fortunes were turning against her. It was a masterpiece of oratory as he tried to raise the spirit of the Germans to continue to fight. In sarcastic tones, he ridiculed the thinking of the British that the German people were ready to surrender.

In many ways, this was Obama's Total War speech. Not that Hillary's campaign is doomed at this point, but Obama's speech was an empty attempt to rally the delegates and the Democrats to support Hillary Clinton. His words praising her "qualities" rang hollow. Just like Goebbel's Totalen Krieg speech, it was a great speech based on one big lie.


Squid said...

I went to the Laguna Art Festival and listened to a good jazz quartet last night. Knowing that the BS artist and Chief would be true to form, I spared myself. I do appreciate your post confirming the Obama delivery of eloquent mounds of BS.

Hopefully, the great unknowing will compare their high medical costs, strange doctor, if they were able to keep their plan and barely able to make all the bills at the end of the month, understand the Obama BS. Additionally, I hope the great unknowing will compare their concern of getting on public transportation, mall and movie attendance and foreign travel vacations with the false security posed by the President of piled higher and deeper.

I will spare myself from listening to "Crooked" Hillary.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

All I could think about, hearing Obama praise Hillary to the skies, is what a god-send a video of that speech would have been to Hillary in 2008.