Tuesday, June 21, 2016

After Orlando, Here Comes the Whitewashing of Homosexual Punishment in Islam

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It was inevitable that after the Orlando massacre, we would start seeing apologists try to whitewash the draconian punishment meted out to gays under Islamic law. We begin with NBC News.

One of the sources quoted in the above article is one Ali Olami, a teacher at UC Irvine. In a previous article, he wrote this on the subject of homosexuality within Islam. He essentially suggests that Islam was tolerant and enlightened on the subject until the time in more recent history that Europe expanded its influence and later colonial reach over the former Ottoman Empire after WW I.

"After the First World War, European powers divided up Ottoman territories into mandates and wrote penal codes that remain relevant today. The adoption of European sexual attitudes was an act of modernization codified in colonial law."
Really? Was there a death penalty in any European law for gays at that time? (Nazi Germany did, in fact, throw gays into concentration camps.)
What Olami brushes over is that under hudud sharia law (Crimes Against God), homosexual acts are included (along with adultery, apostasy and blasphemy). The punishment is death, a penalty affirmed by virtually every leading Islamic school of jurisprudence. This long predates the period when Britain and France took over control of the Arab lands of the ex-Ottoman Empire after WW I. It also long predates any perceived cultural influence Olami may subscribe to the Europeans that influenced Islamic intolerance toward gays.
 It is no accident that the most draconian forms of punishment for homosexuality are in the Islamic world. What other part of the world has a death penalty for gays? This is rooted in Islamic thought and jurisprudence based mostly on the Hadith (the quoted sayings of the Prophet Mohammad as passed down through the centuries and generations). The Islamic world never got the death sentence for gays from the Europeans. It is of their own creation.

It is also instructive that at the same time, we are seeing Israel subjected to the charge of "pink-washing", a term dreamed up by her enemies to counter the fact that Israel is the only nation in the Middle East that offers full rights to gays while her neighbors persecute them and kill them.

If there is any positive outcome of the tragedy in Orlando, it would be that Western gays finally wake up and  realize who the worst homophobes are. There is a reason that Omar Mateen singled out a gay club for his murderous attack. He told us the reason when he picked up the phone from the club and called 9-11 pledging his allegiance to the Islamic State (where gays are thrown off the tops of tall buildings for their "Crime Against God".)

Enough with  the taqiyya.

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