Monday, May 2, 2016

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Muslim Brotherhood in America

Hat tip Creeping Sharia

Creeping Sharia has posted an introductory video by the Center for Security Policy, which introduces their series entitled, "Ikhwan in America: An Oral History of the Muslim Brotherhood in their Own Words".

This reminds me of a day several years ago at UC Irvine (2008)  when I attended a presentation by Ibrahim El Hudaiby, an Egyptian gentleman who happened to be a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood. What he was doing in the US at the time I do not know, but he had been invited to address the class of  Professor Mark LeVine. It was during that presentation that he stated emphatically that there was no Muslim Brotherhood in America-an obvious lie. That was when I gave him a copy of the Explanatory  Memorandum referenced in the Creeping Sharia link.

Looks like Mr El Hudaiby lied to me back in 2008.

But I already knew that.

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