Monday, May 2, 2016

John Brennan and Those 28 Secret Pages: Who Helped the 9-11 Hijackers?

Do you remember this scene from Scarface?

Image result for tony montana and sosa

"You remember Alberto, don't you?"

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"How could I forget him?

"Alberto is an expert

in the disposal business.

He's going to help us fix our problem.
But he doesn't speak English.

He doesn't know his way

around the States too well.

He needs a little help.

Is that a problem, Tony?"

John Brennan, our seemingly befuddled CIA director, now says that the 28-page classified part of the 9-11 Report has information that is unvetted, inaccurate, and full of hearsay.

Here is what leaves me scratching my head: If that is so, the CIA and others have had several years now to clear up those details. The public and the 9-11 families have a right to know exactly who was involved and to what extent. It may be true that "high level Saudi officials were not involved nor the Saudi government as an institution". It may also be that certain Saudis, including members of the royal family or low level government officials, were part of the conspiracy. Nobody who had any part of this should go unpunished in the name of maintaining relationships with any government.

Aside from the fact that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis, it stands to reason that these young men must have had some sort of support network in the US in order to carry out a plot months, if not years in the making. Who was that support network? Many have mentioned the name of Anwar al Awlaki, the American-born, former Muslim Student Association president, who may have had contact with one or more of the hijackers in San Diego. What mosques may or may not have been involved in providing shelter, contacts, money and intelligence to the hijackers? Were any prominent American Islamic organizations involved?

We deserve answers to those questions.

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