Thursday, April 7, 2016

Video Gaming at UC Irvine

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"By next fall, UCI will offer a center with high-end gaming PCs, a stage for competitions and a live webcasting studio."

When I read the below article in the Orange County Register's front page this morning, I almost coughed up my Cheerios. It seems the University of California at Irvine is transforming itself into some sort of Dave and Busters. I mean, Ohio State and Michigan may have big time football, but UCI has sports video gaming.

I mean, this has to be some kind of spoof, right?

Wrong. Little did I know that some of the little rascals walking around campus were actually majoring in video games.

How would you like to be the dean of that department?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

I have a friend who would like to apply for the job of dean of the department. He was 12 when I started playing chess with him, and he's now 22. He lives for video games, and he has gotten a job and a promotion with Best Buy because he can talk video games knowledgeably to the customers, getting them to put down hard cash for the available product. How silly that he works on hourly wage job where he doesn't even make $15 an hour, when he could be pulling down six figures as dean of the department.

Super Mario said...

After reading the description of the class, I don't see what the problem is. It seems like it's geared toward people who want a career in video game design. In other words, unlike a lot of majors, it can actually lead to a job. It's not like the classes consist of just sitting around and playing video games.

Gary Fouse said...

Super Mario,

In the old days, we had trade schools.

Admit it. You just want a professorial job in academia. Well, now's your chance.

Gary Fouse said...

Your friend reminds me of a State Dept guy I knew when I was in Milan with DEA. He had a dry wit and one day was telling us about his younger brother, who was at the Woodstock shindig back in the 60s.

"To this day, it's the greatest thing he's ever done in his life," he said.

Super Mario said...

It's basically like a trade school. I'm just pointing that out because I have a few friends who work in the video game industry. They have houses and families. They don't give those games and gaming systems out for free, you know.

But the academia job doesn't sound bad.

Gary Fouse said...

I'm just having fun being the skunk at the garden party.