Saturday, April 23, 2016

Obama Wows'em in Britain

Barack Obama dropped into Britain for tea this week, and while there pissed off a lot of Brits by pleading with them to remain in the European Union. (The Brits are holding a referendum on the question.)

That didn't sit well with a lot of Brits who feel the US president should worry more about the colonies than the UK. You know-internal matter and all that stuff.

The mayor of London, one Boris Johnson, even said that Obama had an aversion to Britain because of "his ancestral roots" in Kenya. His words-not mine. Save your cards and letters.

Anyway, that led Obama to respond that Johnson's claim was absurd by saying how much he loved Winston Churchill.

Would that be the same Winston Churchill whose bust Obama had removed from the Oval Office when he took office?

That Winston Churchill?

Image result for bust of churchill in white house

Bust of Winston Churchill (r) next to a bust of John Kerry (l)

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