Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Clinton Speech Machine: $151 Million

Hat tip CNN (LOL)

Full disclosure: I am a capitalist, and I don't begrudge anyone getting paid for an honest day's work-even if it is a bunch of money. I also concede that the Clintons are not the first public officials who have made a very comfortable living after leaving office by writing books and making speeches. However, there have been a number of accusations of the Clintons engaging in back door deals with various individuals, companies and even nations, deals which also involved speeches by Bill for 6 figure fees. Bernie Sanders, after giving away a huge campaign issue on Hillary's emails, is now gently insinuating that Hillary is not the person to tell audiences how she is going to go after Wall Street (as he surely will) when she has been getting huge sums for speaking on behalf of Goldman Sachs and other financial firms. Now CNN has a report that the Clintons have amassed 153 million in speaking fees.

Hillary was clearly uncomfortable in trying to answer Anderson Cooper's question to her about accepting $675,000 in fees for three speeches.

All that aside, the FBI is investigating this angle as it pertains to Hillary's tenure as secretary of state. I will leave it to them to find the quid pro quos.

As for Sanders, he has a real chance against Hillary if he will just take off the gloves and hit her hard on the question of corruption. He should never have said he was tired of hearing about her damn emails.The caucus in Iowa shows that among young Democrats, he has a huge advantage over Clinton. If there was ever a time to go for the jugular, now is it. he should be telling every audience he can that his opponent is corrupt. He should tell her to her face during the debates.

Another point. If you take Hillary's "victory" speech in Iowa and her New Hampshire debate performance this week, she was not at her best. I think the FBI investigation and talk of indictment is getting to her. It is clearly a distraction.

I am not a supporter of Bernie Sanders, but at least he sincerely believes in what he says and it comes across when he speaks. In terms of policy, I don't think there is that much difference though Clinton is more to the center. It is the question of honesty and integrity where Sanders has a decisive edge.

But if he really wants to have a chance of beating Hillary, he has to start hitting her hard on the above issues. It is not enough to debate political and economic policy issues. He has to start talking about the character issue. That's the winning ticket, Bernie.

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