Monday, February 15, 2016

Free Frenchmen Speak Out

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Hat tip Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and Oz-Rita

A few days ago, about 300 people held a demonstration against the Islamization of Europe on a cold night in Paris. The below speech, which is sub-titled in English, is by Pierre Cassin of Reposte Laique. English text is also supplied. Cassin is an eloquent speaker. He also mentions the Swiss Muslim Brotherhood apologist, Tariq Ramadan, who I happened to meet a couple of years ago in Los Angeles. Ramadan, the grandson of Brotherhood founder, Hassan al Banna, is attempting to obtain French citizenship.

*Antifa (Anti-Fascism) is a left-wing group dedicated to open immigration in Europe. They actively oppose PEGIDA (Patriotic European Against the Islamization of the West).

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