Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Excerpt From Lee Baca Interview With Prosecutors Released by LA Times

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The LA Times has published an audio excerpt of an interview ex-LASO Sheriff Lee Baca had with federal prosecutors over accusations he used his deputies to hide an FBI informant in the LA County Jail and sent his deputies to intimidate a female FBI agent who was investigating the case at her own home.  It was Baca's lies that led to his indictment.

Frankly, I am amazed that the feds made a deal with this guy that lets him off with only 6 months in jail. We are talking about a county sheriff who tarnished his badge and acted in an outrageous and criminal manner.

I recall the first time I saw this man. It was 2012 at the Islamic Society of Orange County mosque. Baca was participating in a panel with several other questionable characters devoted to convincing the public that sharia law was compatible with the US Constitution and US law (It is not). When Baca finished giving his spiel, he walked up the side aisle and stated shaking hands with those on the end of the aisle. I happened to be sitting on the end of the aisle as well. By the time he got to within two rows of where I was sitting, he stopped reaching out to shake hands and left through the rear door. I still think to this day that he took one look at me and knew I would not shake hands with him.

"Baca began by lavishing praise on the "great Congressman Waters". He described Los Angeles as the epicenter of diversity. He commended Janet Napolitano for creating an inter-faith council within the Department of Homeland Security."

I say good riddance. This man will not be missed.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

This guy acts like a Republican. Throw the book at him!