Thursday, January 7, 2016

One Month of Outrages in Sweden

Hat tip Gatestone Institute

Sweden: The rape capital of Europe. One might feel sorry for Sweden and its citizens had the country not invited its own current predicament. In the below report by Swedish author and activist Ingrid Carlqvist, we read a list of what happened in the country just in November thanks to its immigrant population. It is a story of rape, mayhem and tolerance of the intolerable by the ever-so-tolerant Swedes. The below article can also be read in the original Swedish.

Keep in mind that Malmo, the third largest city, has become the most anti-Semitic city in Europe thanks to its restive and unassimilated Muslim population (25%) centered in the Rosengard neighborhood. As a result, Jews have mostly left the city and in many cases, Sweden itself. The former mayor cared not a whit. He like most of his political colleagues were too consumed with hatred for Israel. No other European nation shows as much enmity toward Israel as Sweden.

Sweden has made its bed and is now being forced to lie in it.

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